First Response Pregnancy Tests

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Kristina - January 8

This Pregnancy Test gets a rating of 10 on my scale, it is th ebest Pregnancy Test ever. I used when I was Pregnant with my son and now I used it when i just found out im pregnant and I didnt even use first morning urine. I tested about 11am and it came back positive. You can test anytime of the days and you can even test 5 days before a missed period. I love this Test :)


sharon - January 8

thanks for that info, will try that one


Sandra - January 10

For those using or going to try Early Responce P T's, I would just like to add my input. I just used one 3 days ago and within the time period of 3 minutes I received a faint positive, so I saved it on my counter to show my husband, about half an hour later I happened to notice the positive had disappeared. Then I retested and got a big fat negative, and today I got AF. So just to let you know the tests might give a false positive, for if I took the result as good at its time frame and thrown it out, I would have had no idea I wasn't pregnant until today, where I would have been extremely disappointed or scared once I have gotten AF. I was still disappointed when I took the second and received a negative. I found it harder to deal with a false positive then a false negative. Hope that helps.


Lucky1 - January 10

I'm sorry to hear that happend to you. I got a faint positive 9 dpo, but I didn't believe it so I tested again 4 days later and got a positive. I went to the docs office 2 days after that and they confirmed it. I think that it worked great for me. Every one I know says that first response is the best. Faint Positives are not that common, I'm sorry that happend to you. I wish you luck for next month!!!!


L - January 10

Just to let everyone know, I have been pregnant twice not and I think it is an amazing test! Both times I took it before I was supposed to get my period and it said positive, and both times I was. You just have to make sure that you take it correctly and that you don't take it too early. Sorry it didn't work Sandra, but personally I think it is a great test and highly recommend it...especially to anyone who is young and afraid.


Kimberly - January 11

My sister and sister inlaws have been using first response every time they were trying and they swear by it especially my sister who has been preg 3 times ... I plan on using first response soon I think I'm going to test either wednesday or I might just wait and test after my missed period if I miss it....


Racheal - January 11

Firsr Response was great for me too, I used it 6 days before my period was due, and got a definate positive, I even bought another one to be sure and same thing



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