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sr - February 17

my af was due around 19th to 20th feb ,i had many other symps so i took first respose pregnancy home test,the first thing in the morning.. there were 2 lines as it says 2 lines +ive .the line isn't dark as first one but definately can see am i or not..what do u all say..


jb - February 17

i say yes a 2nd line is a your doc. and start taking vitamins..keep us posted


Tia - February 17

Id say CONGRATULATIONS are in order!!!! They always say - no matter how faint the line it stil means a +++++


MandyD - February 17

Positive is positive! I'd say you are a mommy to be! Congratulations!! Keep us posted after you make a trip to the dr! YAY!


Heather - February 17

Congratulations!!!! I'd say definitely +++++++++++++++++++++++++!!


sr - February 17

thanks everyone i 'm palnnig to take dr app & may be next thursday gain i'll take the test dust to all of u ..will keep posted..thanks everyone gain.. this forum has been a great help..


Alexis - February 17

Congratulatons, I am due for af the 20th so I wonder if I should test. What symptoms did you have?


Tia - February 17

I used first response on 14th.... AF due 15th and was neg (was convinced would be +++, been tryna use 'the power of positive thinkin' as per Oprah ha ha ha)..... still no AF so im thinkin not PG - esp since sr has proven first response works!!! probs busy month again next month!! ha ha ha!!!


stacey - February 17

that's the brand I used also, and it was always faint for me- but I was pregnant. CONGRATS!


to Alexis - February 17

if ur due 20th for sure i think u can try taking it tomm first thing in the morning.i had little twinges after my ovl days on my right side of abdo on & off for 2 to 3 dyas ..on 14th i also felt nauseatic,my bumps on the b___bs were more.& i always use to have spooting for past 2 yrs on the 12th to 14th day which wasn't there this keeping my fingers crossed till i meet my doc to confirm of luck agian .will keep posted


Alexis - February 17

Thanks sr I think I might just go to Wal-mart on my way home and buy me a double pack so if af doesn't arrive I can retest. I'll let you know



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