First Time Pregnancy

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Nicole - November 20

i know i am pregnant but i have been having this mucus with blood in it and i am not sure if its my old period or if its something i should worry about, or if it just normal.


mia - November 20

I've had brownish stuff come out...very little though. But I'm not sure if I am although I feel like I am pregnant. 2 weeks late.


Jeanie - November 21

If you have the brown discharge, very little, then went to pink you could be prego. If you are continueing to have bright red staining then I would see a dr...especially if you are having cramping in the low low abdomen. Are your b___sts tender? How about the areola and nipples? Do you feel like you have dull aching or can't stand to have anything on your stomach? Also, any fatigue? The answers can give you some insite. Also, MIA I would test. You have the same symptoms I had and I am pregnant...6 hpt confirm it. The brown spotting was implantation bleeding most TEST GIRL! Cheap tests are at They are like $.85 each or less! and free shipping for orders 14.95 and over. Anyway, good luck to both of you!


april - November 21

what if you dont get brown discharge or anything like that can you still be pregnant,or do you have to get the brown discharge..i here alot of women getting the discharged/and no one reporting they didnt get get it and is confused help


April - November 21

I know it is really scary. Geez I'm not even spotting or bleeding now and I'm still scared to death of miscarrying. I didn't get the brown discharge my first pregnancy but I did this one. Bleeding at all is scary but I know of lots of women who bled and even pa__sed tissue with bright red blood and have healthy happy babies. My suggestion is to put your feet up, take a few days off work if it is stressful or makes you stand a lot. The stress can make it worse. Baby and pamper yourself for a few days and see if that stops it. I'm afraid it's a waiting game for all of us with or without bleeding until after 12 or 13 weeks. Sucks. Good the way, how far along are you April?


Jeanie - November 21

OOPS! I put your name instead of mine on the last post. See....the baby is already draining my brain. She's gonna be smarter than I am because she has her brain plus half of mine already! HA!



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