First Week Of Pregnancy

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kw - March 26

My hd is a paramedic and we have been argueing about this question. Here goes: I was told your weeks in pregnancy starts the week of your last period. He says it isn't until the week of ovulation. Does anybody know for sure? I'm trying to decide if I am possible 4 weeks or what!


Petra - March 26

the first day of your periode is when you start your pregnancy. 40 weeks from the first day of your last periode is when the baby is born. (Well, it should be,,,,) This is explained on the page where you calculate your due date. See on left of this page..


Erin - March 26

I believe there are two ways of referring to how many weeks you are. The first way is the gestational development which is from your lmp. A 40 week pregnancy begins from your lmp. The other way of tracking is by the fetal development which counts from ovulation. I don't think anyone really counts this way though. So yes, your first week begins from your lmp. Isn't it nice when you can prove your husband wrong :-)


kw - March 26

You guys are awsome, just gald to know I wasn't going crazy!


Grandpa Viv - March 26

Now I'm confused. I thought the term gestational age referred to age since conception, and weeks of pregnancy referred to weeks since lmp. BTW, we get occasional posts from women who are told they are xxx weeks pregnant, and not understanding the lmp piece, they the start worrying if the father was the bf the month before or the bf the month after.


mulgajill - March 27

Had to have a laugh at Grandpa Vivs comment ..... when i was pregnant last year it was happened after the first time we had s_x.... had a bit of trouble explaining that i was five weeks pregnant when we only did it the first time 3 weeks previously! .... most doctors date pregnancy from the first day of last menstrual period which is around two weeks before conception.... suppose it is too hard to try and work out when ovulation/implantation occurs...


Erin - March 27

Grandpa viv, I'm sure you have it correct. You would know better than I would. I was trying to remember something I had read way back when. Guess I need to get my facts straight! :-) Thanks! What you pointed out explains why there are so many women out there that have to bring 6 different guys on the Maury show for paternity tests, and still can't get it right! :-)



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