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me myself and the third eye - December 3

This is my problem I have a three month old baby girl and I have been breatfeeding with supplemental bottles I have a really weird cycle right now. Since my lochia has stopped I have had three different times that lasted about three days long of slight bleeding, that I only needed to use pantyliners Well yesterday it thought I was getting my period for sure and I was looking forward to it because I have been using spermicide foam as a from of birth control but there was a couple times in there that we didn't use anything. I have been really crampy and moody. But it only took me one cycle to get pregnant with my daugther and I would just like to know what my chances of being pregnant are. To top it off my husband whats another baby. I have told him I'm not ready yet. We already have four children and I'm just not sure if I ever want to have anymore. I want time to decide but I'm not able to get an IUD until January and meanwhile I'm afraid I going to become pregnant again. He jokes and says because of being Catholic its against his religion to use condoms but this is getting rediculous.


Christine - December 3

Well I would say it is very possible that you are again pregnant...spermicide foam is one of the least protective when used many children does he mean its great...but I'm on my third and thats enough for least for quite a while...why do you have to wait till Jan. to get the IUD? I'm sorry but I dont have any good advice for you...I wish you the best...try to talk to your hubby some more...explain about this being your body...not his...even if condom use is against his religion...if he is truly Catholic then he should understand at this just had a baby....that you need to time to think about another one...good luck..I hope everything works out for you...


L - December 3

Your husbands name isn't Jay, is it???


tiffani - December 3

You know, you can still be Catholic and not follow all the "rules." I've been Catholic my whole life and use birth control. I don't think using birth control warrants sending me to hell. Unless the Catholic church is going to pay to feed/clothe/educate your children, I would go ahead and find better birth control options.


zuly - December 3

I use to be Catholic ,and s_x with out some form of pill or condoms is crazy .Trust me I have 6 kid's.


s - December 3

kids are a blessing... I am from a family of ten kids. My mom never regretted it. It has brought her more joy, now that she has many grandkids and has the parkinson disease. I enjoyed having so many siblings to grow up with. I learned to share, and appreciate. My husband and I have been trying for a year now. I can't imagine not having any kids. I don't think it's always for right for us to decide when to have them or how many, think of those who can't have any! If you can handle it, i suggest not leaving it at one child.



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