Flu And Possible Implantation Symptoms

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Emma - January 13

Hi Ladies, I haven't been here for a while but I am very confused... 5 days before O me and my significant-other had unprotected s_x and 3 days before as well but it was a pull out and put it back while he was still wet ... sorry TMI 6 dpo i was getting mild lower back pain 7 pdo my lower back pain became so uncomfortable I couldn't stand too long. On the same day at night I got the flu with body aches and no energy. 7-8 dpo the lower back pain continued and I began cramping. Mostly mild, but at times it was very noticeable. My br___t became tender. 8-9 dpo I began having watery gulp of clear/white discharge. It's thin and silky. 10 dpo no cramping, but the br___t tenderness and mild lower back pain. I'm not sure if this was induced by the flu and not implantation. My Af is due on the 20th of January and today I am 10 dpo (7 days till AF). I don't get any cramping or pain until AF comes. Sometimes my br___ts are tender 5 days before but that's about it. In the past couple of days the hot flashes are very bad, but it could be from me being sick. What you make of all this?


Grandpa Viv - January 13

Curious to know how you are certain your luteal phase is 17 days, not the more normal 14 - not that it makes any difference. Sure, it sounds like pregnancy is a possibility, but the flu does complicate things. Test when a period is late or light using first morning pee. GL!


Emma - January 13

Grandpa Viv, Thank you for your reply. It may sounds rather unusual, but in the past 7 months my af shows up on the 19th-20th. On time. lol Well I think my bathroom visit pretty much answered my own question tonight. I started spotting. Light pink and only after I wipe noticeable. I have one child and with him I don't recall having implantation bleeding. Can't wait to test!!!


Purple5 - January 14




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