Fluid From Breast

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mary - February 18

I'm freaking out here. I'm 2 days late. I've been having alot of the symptoms but today I noticed my nipples darker that usual. So I messed with it and some liquid came out. My yougest child is 5 years and oldes 16 years. Im only 30. Wanting to get pregnant. Can somebody help me and tell me if these has happened to somebody or is it a sign of me mayble being pregnant. Help!


hello - February 19

Hi mary my b___sts are also leaking but not when i touch them they just leak my son is 6 yrs old and i have a miscarriage about 4 months ago im so worried that my body stilkl thinks im preg hense the milk xx we have been trying 2 get preg was due af yest but no show thank god xx


bailey - February 19

OMIGOD I CAME ON HERE TO ASK JUST THAT QUESTION!!! yesterday, i held my sisters newborn and after i left her house i felt my milk come in.....my youngest is almost 4 and i havnt had milk in years...its only drops that come out but is that a sign of pregnancy this early on?or could it be just from holding the baby????


hello - February 20

i have no idea my aunty had milk when she held a baby and she was not preg but then again u neva know!!! I was making the bed an d i felt fluid come out x it happened since i dont make it do it it just comes out


louise - February 20

how far along would you need to be to feel it? i'm 10 weeks and haven't noticed anything like that yet. just curious. good luck to all x


help me - February 20

im not even sure i am preg babe i know that this sort of thing doesnt happen till yr around 5 months maybe its because i lost my baby about 5 months ago my body is still acting preg xx


Mum - February 20

I had the same problem with milky discharge from my chest. My kids are 11 & 8. Went to the Dr. He took bloods as it can be caused by high prolactin hormone levels in your blood. So it's maybe worth getting checked out if you are not pregnant.



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