Flushed Face Burning Cheeks Ideas

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krissy2006 - March 17

Hey everyone, well I am in my 8th 2ww... <<sigh>> and I am concerned. I would love to think this is a symptom but am more concerned about making sure it isn't anything bad first. Every evening I wear about the same thing... jeans and a sweatshirt/ T shirt with my hair up in a ponytail or bun. And every night for the past three nights my face will flush randomly and feel as though it is burning. Last night it was only on the right cheek from the back of my right ear, to the center of my forehead down my face to the center of my chin and all over my right cheek. It feels as though I am laying in the sun except my house is at a cool 65 degrees and the rest of me is rather comfortable. Tonight the house is the same, I am wearing the same and both cheeks are super flushed and on fire!!! I have tried googling flushed cheeks, burning cheeks, etc etc and all I come up with is rosacea (sp?) Does anyone have any ideas? Could this be a pregnancy sign??? I'm at a loss here . . . Thanks in advance for any advice.


javidsgirl - March 17

what your describing sounds alot like my hot flashes i get alot my ob said it because of my grand old hormones they seem to get more frequent now but i guess that is because i am almost at the halfway mark of this pregnancy i will be 19 weeks tommorow


staci - March 17

Krissy sounds like hot flashes to me(the on fire part kind of throws that off a bit). That is one of the main reason's i tested(and got my + pg test incase you didn't know yet), verrrry hot from the collar bone up! I have gotten hot flashes in the past, but none ever lasted as long as these did, so it could be a pg sign...Another thing that comes to mind is blood pressure. Have you been highly stressed on the days that this has happend? or do you have a problem with your b/p that you know of? I know when i am upset and very irritable this happens to me. My whole face will burn and my ears(not the inside, the actual ear) will ache from it......So krissy, i feel like i haven't been of much help! sorry! Hope you find out what this is very soon. How are you lately? and good luck this cycle


krissy2006 - March 17

Hey girls thanks for the responses... no stress has happened both days that the "flush" has happened and days where I have been perfectly fine. I do have slightly elevated blood pressure but that has always been because I am overweight. I am 10dpo today and last night was a serious "flush"... this morning it is gone except my cheeks are still a little pink and my temp was high... :) Another awesome little tidbit... I wiped this morning and there was a little pitty spot of pink... I then proceeded to check my CP and it was high and CM was creamy... no more pink... :) So I guess we'll see!!! Any more ideas ??? I'd really appreciate any!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 17

We have had women post as a sign "flushed cheeks, no need for rouge". Hot flashes are caused by hormone rushes in early pregnancy. All pretty encouraging, I would say. When will you test? Good luck!


krissy2006 - March 17

Yay Grandpa Viv responded to my post... LOL... I think I am gonna wait till Monday. I will be 12 dpo... and 1 day past my period due.... Thanks for the encouragement Grandpa Viv!!! Much appreciated!!!


Beks37 - March 18

I actually had that happen to me Krissy, but not in the tww. It was a few days before o and my face was on fire! My checks were bright red and were so hot. I don't think mine was a hot flash because normally I start to get hot and sweat with those, but this time I felt normal except my face. Maybe yours is a pg sign-if it has never happened before.


krissy2006 - March 18

Nope its never happened before... who knows. could be a good sign and could be just something else... i guess i'll just have to wait and see


Whisper - March 18

Yeah, sounds like hot flashes. I got them when I was pregnant too. GL!


Katz - March 18

Hey Krissy!! That was one of my symptoms!!! My husband kept getting annoyed because I would get so hot and my face was bright red and then 20 minutes later, I was cool again......... it drove him crazy!! I can't wait for you to test!!!


krissy2006 - March 18

Thanks Whisper and Katz... I hope that is what it turns out to be... :) but only time will tell.


whatisgoingon - March 18

Hey Krissy! This cycle I had really hot ears for a couple of days during my 2ww.. so I dont know if that signifies a BFP, most likely just a hormonal symptom in my case.. I got a BFN today FMU at 11dpo. So we will see what eventuates by af time in 3days. Good Luck though Krissy! ox


krissy2006 - March 18

I hope its a sign for both of us whatisgoingon... would thats just be splendiferous!!!!


dandelice - March 19

I have had a red burning face since last Friday too. It is too early to test. I have never had anything like this happen to me at all. The rest of my body feels fine. I have also been crazy hungry no matter what I eat. Felt nauseous for a week that stopped about a week ago. I have been going crazy trying to find someone else that might feel te same. I hope this means something good but will not find out at least for another couple of days or like a week.


Anthonysmommy - August 23

Hey everyone I know I'm a little late posting here but i was searching the SAME symptoms and came across this thread. With my first pregnancy i had no idea i was pregnant and every evening at about 6pm on the dot i would get very red and flushed in my face and my chest sometimes my arms as well......and sure enough I was pregnant, well this time around we have actually really been trying and with no luck so far....6 months into it but i am 2 days from the date my period is due and the last few days maybe week i've been getting very nauseated and the last 2 days this flushing has been coming over me again somewhat random times....i was just wondering if all you ladies with this symptom ended up being pregnant or not ??? thanks so much ! Best wishes to all


Amykins - February 24

Hey kirssy. Been reading your post as i feel the same.. i was just wondering was you pregnant.... xxxx



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