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Concerned - February 16

I have taken several pregnancy test and they all come up negative. I have never been late on my period but my period was late in January by one day and I did not have my usual symptoms of br___t tenderness or cramps or a headache. This month, my period seemed to be normal. I went to the doctor Monday past and had another urine pregnancy test and it was negative. I have had fluttering in my stomach off and on for alittle over a month. If I am not pregnant what else causes fluttering? Other than fluttering, I am currently not experiencing any other symptoms. I am debating on getting a blood pregnancy test but I would hate to waste more money. Please help me!


momof3 - February 16



schui - July 18

I am experiencing the same thing......it's not gas - atleast it sure doesn't feel like it.


salena - July 18

if i was you i would concider getting a blood test done because when i got the urine test the test came bac negative 2 times.i then started having the same symptom ur having then when i got the blood test done i had found out i was 2 months pregnant. so be careful on wat choice u make!!!


glenda - August 18

I've got a history of problems with gas (and other stomach problems). I started feeling a fluttering near my pelvic bone. I can't be pregnant. I get depo provera shots. The fluttering is quite frequent. I don't have any kind of pain.


tanesha - August 18

glenda, I have that too, and I AM pregnant


Heather - August 18

I have the same prob. have a dr appt tomorrow...i will let you know


Sue - August 18

hi everyone..when u say fluttering does that include like b___terflies in your stomach all the time and aching or soreness in the abdomen?


sorry... - August 18

but I seriously doubt this is a sign of pregnancy this early on. I did not feel ANYTHING in my stomach until I was around 14 weeks - and even then it wa very low (near bikini line) and very slight.



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