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maddie - May 9

Alot of people seem to have flutters in their stomach? What does that mean?


nina - May 11

I too am getting those little flutter things. I thought I was just nervous, but it feels like I always get little b___terflies in my stomach. Along with the sensitive b___bs. My period isn't even due for another 2 weeks!


BL - May 11

I have had flutters, but today I had a big kick. It was harder than the flutters.(23 weeks)


bev - May 11

nina--there is no possible way you could be feeling your baby as you should just now be ovulating if your period isn't due for 2 weeks....it's gas bubbles in your intestine...you won't feel a baby until at least 14 weeks...some people sooner, but I'm talking like 10 weeks....like I said you are just now ovulating.


milika - May 12

lol bev, i was wondering the same thing. Plus nina u shouldnt be feeling flutters in ur stomach that early. That is if u are. You wont actually feel a baby in ur tummy until ur uterus reaches an inch from ur belly b___ton. But i am 16 weeks. And i am getting totally confused on whats muscle spams and taps, flutters, how ever u say it. Just sometimes i feel pain moving in the center of my uterus. And little taps. Dont know if its muscle or what. This is my first time. So i dont know what to look out for. But is it possible to distinguish a muscle spam, from a tap? Because i feel everything thats going on in my body. Its just that i cant figure it out. And when i reach down to touch my uterus, which is 3 inches from my belly b___ton. I feel something very hard. Dont know if its the baby or my uterus. Can anyone clarify this?


Tara - May 12

I am 9 weeks and I feel flutters already. What is causing that exactly? The baby or muscles moving?


milika - May 12

I know tara, that is the exact same thing im wondering. Cause i didnt start feeling this until i was 12 weeks. I guess what ever it is. Its possible for me to feel it, since im in touch with my body. But before i got pregnant. I even knew when i was ovulating. Because i could feel that too. So i can pretty much feel everything thats going on in my body. I'm just confused on whats baby movement and muscle.


Me - May 12

I dont agree.. I know I felt my first baby at 8 weeks and my last baby at 7. Fluttering.. movement.. b___terflys in the tummy . Whatever you want to call it I Still felt it regardless of your own experiences or opinions on here.


milika - May 14

Me, i do agree with u. But a baby only starts moving at 7 and 8 weeks. And from the way nina said it. She really wouldnt be feeling her baby that early. That would only make her 3 weeks. A embryo doesnt move at 3 weeks. They only move at 7 and 8 weeks. And plus ur uterus isnt out of ur pelvis at 3 weeks.


milika - May 14

So the fluttery movement in her stomach is impossible.


Me - May 14

Didnt read the dates from the first post.. just that someone had said you dont feel your baby moving untill 14 weeks


Miranda - May 21

I am 8 weeks and was just laying in bed and started feeling little flutters. I thought to myself, "it is too early for that...isn't it". I mean I am a pediatric nurse and this isn't my first child so I should know, but to be honest I don't. That is how I came to be on this Q&A site. Ussually gas on the tummy is painful and this is in my lower abdomen not stomach area. I beleive it was the baby b/c it sure made me feel good!


to maddie - May 21

if i am right, you are asking what the women mean, when they are talking about possible signs of pregnancy, and they say that they have twinges or flutters, so i think that what we are wondering is...what does that mean? i hope this helps maddie, and i hope that is what you meant. good luck, fingers crossed for that BFP!


Brenda - June 14

i'm 7 weeks pregnant and have started feeling flutters myself.


Rachel - June 14

With me the fluttering is the first sign of pregnancy I get it before af is due to start and have done in both my pregnancy's. No idea what causes it, may be a rush of blood to that area. I have no idea. I hope this helps


LG - June 14

Maybe what she's feeling isn't flutters of a baby, but something else that could be related to being pregnant. I am 2 days late and have had a strange sensation in my belly for 2 days. Almost like a nervous feeling for no reason.. so who knows.


Becky - June 14

For very early pregnancy, it could just be the muscles in the uterus stretching and getting ready for the baby. While the baby is too small for movement to be felt, uterus stretching can be.



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