Fluttery Tummy

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audrey - August 4

any here who are experiencing a fluttering sensation in their tummy? strange, almost feels like bubbles


faith - August 4

i personally don't have that symptom but i have hear women on here say that had a wierd feelin in the stomachs ..lie b___terflies or somethin.but it also could be gas.


Jen - August 10

Yes! After 3 neg tests, I feel weird little bubbling on my right side, feels like my ovary is asleep, having pins and needles.


K - August 10

Jen, every once in a while it feels like my right side is having a muscle spasm. Kind of like bubbling, and it only lasts a few seconds. It could just be nothing tho lol


L - August 10

hi, im 2 days late for my period and i have been having the fluttery tummy too. it feels like i constantly have b___terflies in my tummy. it makes me feel sick expecially when i can smell things. my boyfriend was eating roast chicken flavoured crisps earlier and normally i dont mind the smell but i was nearly sick this time. it just feel queezy all the time, the b___terflies aint helping!!!


Audrey - August 11

Yes I am pregnant!!!


K - August 11

Audrey that's awesome! When did you find out?? And what other symptoms did you have?


Audrey - August 11

Thank you K!! I had bad cramps and was tired and my appet_te was strange-I would be hungry but really would not want to eat. And of course weird feelings in my tummy. I hope it is pregnancy for you girls too! lots of luck


Karen - August 11

congrats :o)


erin - August 11

congrats audrey!! Send some baby dust this way!!


audrey - August 12

baby dust to you all!! i pray you all will have your bfps very soon, u all are very sweet and definaltey deserve them!!


trist - August 12

Audrey...i have the same exact symptoms you had...fluttery weird feeling in my lower tummy and i feel hungry but i dont want to eat anything...etc. I am only two days late...how late were you when you found out??? ::baby dust::


KEEKEE - August 12

Congrats Audrey!!!! Enjoy your pregnancy!!!


audrey - August 12

trist, i tested on the first day my period was due with a first response test, have you tested yet?


trist - August 12

Audrey...i tested this morning and was neg....:0( I'm planning on waiting a week though...may have been too early...any suggestions?



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