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Michelle - December 16

If you want to have a baby they say to take plenty of Folic Acid. How much is enought?


Emma - December 17

I read that 400mg a day while you are trying to concieve and then 800 after. Some reports even say to take prenatal vitamins while trying to concieve. I take womens one a day. It has 400mg of Folic Acid


Nick - December 17

My doctor gave me prenatal vitamins three months ago. I am still ttc, but no luck yet.


Grandpa Viv - December 17

The folic acid is not to help you conceive, but to prevent birth defects in case you do. There is enough folic acid in one serving of Total cereal or in whole wheat bread. Read the labels for "folate".


E - December 17

Just to add some info - the critical period for folic acid intake is 6 weeks post conception. After that point, the neural tube is fully formed and closed and you cannot undo any neural damage by taking folic acid after the fact. Neural tube defects are rare but can be deadly for those inflicted. Folic acid will significantly decrease the odds of your baby developing a NTD. Good luck future mommies!!


KM - December 17

If you go to the drugs store and pick up a prenatal vitamin, that should have everything you need in it.Do not take any extra vitamin supplements unless your doctor reccommends. It is also reccommended to take a prenatal vitamin 3 mnths prior to conceiving and also throughout the pregnancy.So if you are ttc it is a great thing to plan ahead and start taking one. your baby will benefit


Lori - January 4

1 mg


fc - January 4

so sorry to go off the subject but does anyone know how soon can you use 'clear bolue pregnancy tests'. it says on packaging 1 day after period is due but is there any test i can do before my due period date


kb - January 4

fd- you can use 'first response', that can give you results as early as 4 days before your period is due. If you get a negative, keep trying once a week if you still do not get your period. Good luck.


fc - January 4

unfortunately, we don't have that test here...... i am in ireland!!! will just have to wait i suppose. thanks anyway kb



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