Follicle Growth Question

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Kelly11 - May 18

I just saw an RE for the first time this week to be checked out for my pcos...on cd9 he found a 13mm follicle that he thought was going to be the dominate follicle and sounded pleased...but I was curious how much are they supposed to grow each day. I am going back in on monday a.m. and just was curious as to what I should maybe expect. Thank you in advance! And babydust to everyone...


patrizia - May 19

hi kelly. i was wondering since i have to go in for stimulation of ovulation how does it all work ? are they shots. and how often do you have to go in and what is the pre-exams before this. i have already done all those other exams---day 3 testing, HSG...etc...


BabyTiger05 - May 19

Hi Kelly... I too have pcos! Ive read that follicles usually grow about 1mm to 2mm a day. Hope that helps! Are you taking clomid or anything like that? Im taking 100 mg of clomid and will be going in this afternoon to see if Ive got a dominant follicle. Doesnt having pcos just suck! lol Well if you need any other ?'s answered, feel free to ask. Take Care and Good Luck with the whole ttc! :o)


Kelly11 - May 19

Hi girls...well patrizia I don't really know how that procedure all works because luckily the only pill that I have to take right now is metformin...which my doc seems to think is working since I am producing my own eggs on that. Babytiger05...thank you for your information, I wasn't sure how much they were supposed to grow but I thought it was something like that. I am just happy that I am producing my own little follicles on metformin alone. We would of course love to be able to allow this to happen as naturally as possible. So we'll see what happens this month. ; ) I will let you know what I find out on monday a.m. though! I am so excited to go back in there and's just neat!


Bing - May 19

Kelly - I believe babytiger is right about 1mm to 2mm a day. They usually release when they get around 20mm and above. Patrizia - is your RE planning on inducing your ovulation when you say "stimulating"? If so, they usually do this by having you take a "trigger shot". This is an injection of usually Ovidrel (which is a pre-filled syringe) or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), which is also an injection. Are you doing an IUI? I've never heard of anyone "triggering" ovulation unless it was planned for an IUI to follow. The only other thing I can think of would be that they are going to track your ovulation by doing a transv____al ultrasound to check your follicle growth.



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