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Zuly - December 10

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.I'v been sick.Any way back to the question.My period was normal and the Dr's kept telling me that i was fine and nothing was wrong with me.How did I find out? I Started having pains around the time that my period stopped I was like 6 months pregnant .So i went to the hospital because I was in a lot of pain and when the Dr ask me if I was pregnant .I told him what the other Dr's had told me the answer was no . so then he check me out and he told me it looks like you are about to have a baby . I was in shock because I didn't know that sometimes it wouldn't come out in the blood test .I was going in labor thats why I was having so much pain. After that the Dr tried to stop the labor . I was in the hospital for a week and then he sent me home . that same night I started labor pains again . So i had to go back to the hospital .By the time,I walked in the hospital and they put me on the bed my water broke then they had to take me in another room because .I was having a lot of probloms .I started losing a lot of blood and the Dr kept pushing the baby up . because the rest of the Dr's were not there yet so he was trying to keep the baby inside of me for as long as he could .I felt like , I was in h__l the pain was really bad.


Anne - December 10

so what happen to the baby!! did you lost it! same thing is happening to me i flet pregnant for like 2 months and now i feel o.k but my periods are not normal they are like red mucusy pink its not like a normal period and now well my stomac looks like its gething bigger!! i past all kinds of pregnancy test and were all negative! But i got to go for an ultrasound on the 23 of december so we will see what that says! but i don;t know if i could be or what! thank you for replying back and i hope you feel better!


Shadow - December 10

I'm getting the blood test done next week and I am thinking about getting a sonogram done just to make sure weather I am or not. I kinda got my period. It's light as a feather and the most blood comes out when I wipe. But it's only lot's of mucus and a little blood! What do you guys think?



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