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ursula - January 23

This is my first month charting/temping, does a big dip in temp mean O is around the corner? home/165f7c Please take a look, any ideas would be helpful. thanks!


ezzab - January 23

sorry.... i have no clue. :( good luck though.


BrendaW - January 23

I think it is definitely a possibility make sure you are bding!! You will have to wait til tomorrow to see what your temps do


ursula - January 23



Cerendipy - January 23

Today could be your O day!!! Unfortunetly, no one can say for sure just based on your temps alone. Charting temps only shows you when you have already ovulated; it does not show you when you are about to ovulate like OPKs do. According to the charting method, ovulation occurs when you have three consecutive days of elevated temps...and some girls, including me, see a big dip right before those three days of elevated temps. So...the only advice there is out there to give is START BDING LIKE CRAZY!!! :) hee hee...


VenusdiMilo - January 23

I agree with Cerendipy. And, you might want to get some OPKs as well…the two collaborate and you won’t have to guess. Good luck!!


ursula - January 23

I wish you all were right. I got some OPK's and tested today. I only had a test line so I don't think I am even close to O. :o(


Grandpa Viv - January 23

That's a big drop. You need a couple of months charting to know what a typical cycle looks like, but you should be looking for the ovulation rise about 14 days before your expected AF, and a few days after beginning to experience fertile mucus (raw egg white, stretchy). Good luck!


krissy2006 - January 23

Ursula, I have seen a ton of charts where there are enormous temp drops and then rises and drops (kinda like rocky mountains) and then all of a sudden there is a huge or at least significant temp rise indicating O. So O does not depend on how low your temps go. O depends on the significance of the rise in 3 consecutive days. As the other ladies have mentioned OPKs are very helpful and now would be a good time (as you are already doing) to test with them. You could also check your CM like Grandpa Viv suggested. Not all women get ewcm but you'll probably get at least watery which is very fertile. I get watery and ewcm about 3-4 days before I O. You may also feel cramping, sensitive BBs etc just before and after O. Regarding your - OPK, it will be - until the test line is DARKER than the control line. So even if you had a faint line or a semi-dark line it would be negative. Nevertheless with OPKs and CM and Temping you should be able to pinpoint O with certainty!! Get to BDing girl... up to 5 days before O every day if you can and every other if not!!! We're all rooting for you!!!



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