For All The Women Who Are 6 Or More Weeks Late

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Susan - September 16

I am starting this becuz I've noticed many of us are very late with negative blood or hpt or both. Here is where I am: I am now 6 weeks late (last AF was July 7) and have taken all the hpt and blood with negative results. I have also started some pill to help AF come. I am 21 years old without extreme stress (hint: that is not the reason for the missed period). My doctor said to wait 2 weeks for my period, if no show, then call him. What has everybody else find out and your situations and such? I think all of us can find comfort in knowing there are other women going through the same thing. Thanks.


Julie - September 16

Susan, good job putting out a "survey" type email. I've been wondering the same thing, there are so many postings and situation but I wonder how many turn out positive or negative. For me my last AF was July 24th, dr put me on pills too, progesterone, then when you stop them, you get period. If you don't get period then back to the drawing board. I have had blood and hpt all negative. I have 4 more days of the pills and then wait to see what happens. My opinion, like most, I feel pregnant so am acting as if I am. I think my Dr. "jumped the gun a little". I will post after I know something more. Will you do the same?


Susan - September 16

I will. My Dr. told me to only take 5 pills then wait. I have been having all the sypmtoms of a pregnant woman. I am going to call me doctor tomorrow and ask about the quant_tve test turned out. I am told that a certain number has to show up for them to say that you are, but I'm going to call ask if I had a number at all. What was your number or did they not tell you?


Julie - September 17

Hi Susan, yes, with the quant_tative test anything less than 2 is considered negative. They just told me (twice) that mine was less than 2. Sounds like we have a very similar situation. Even a very similar lmp date (23rd for you and 24th of July for me). I'm not sure if the progesterone is just building up in my system (I've taken 4 of the7 pills) or if I'm feeling more pg, but queasy this morning, feel like I could go nap in the bathroom here at work :o) etc. Most of what I've found says we'll have a period within 7 days if we are not pg, but can take up to 2 weeks. This is so bizarre!!!


Susan - September 17

Julie, go check out the thread "23 days" and scroll all the way down until you come to the reply from Stephanie. It's very insightful. Hey, have you thought about taking another pregnancy test next week? I thought about it, but I don't know what to do. I really want to know for sure and it's driving me CRAZY!


Susan - September 21

I got my period on Sept. 18. It sucks. I was really hoping that I was pregnant.


Susan - September 21

I got my period Sept. 18. This sucks. I really thought I was pregnant.



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