For All Those Quot Stupid Questions Quot

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Happy 2 help - May 26

Ok, i have noticed alot of "cat fights" lately on these post. People are being very mean about questions they think are "stupid". We need to remember just because we know the answer doesn't mean everyone else does. I have a couple of sites that are really my opinion. One is for teens and very informative on birthcontrol...s_x...pregnancy...std's ect.. hope these sites help someone out and remember...Seeking knowledge is never stupid.. so ask your questions!


to happy to help - May 26

GOOD FOR YOU!!! it is about time that someone addressed this is a caring and nice manner. it is great that you have researched some other great sights for the girls who are so unsure of to expect. thank you for this, and good luck to you! have a great day!


jjjji - May 26

o shut up


Pattie - May 26

Yes, and whether we all want to admit it or not, we all don't know much either. We are probably in our 20, 30 or even 40's and all asking questions about the body that we have been walking around with far longer than a 16 year old child. lol. I think it is very brave of them, for whatever their situation, that they have the know how to use the internet for information. If we all can be patient and give whatever helping loving advice to these girls that we can, maybe they will learn something they didn't know. We all don't know their situations at home. All of you ladies are very kind, and if we just dont pay any mind to those "nasty" posts, then you don't give them the attention they are searching for. To all of those ladies, young or older, with silly questions or not, good luck to you all and remember that our state of mind has alot to do with the chemistry of our bodies and we "ALL" are in the same boat wanting a baby. We know that negative energy and stress is no good for anyone. Stay positive and it will happen for all of us. ~*~*~Baby Dust~*~*~ to all.


Happy 2 - May 26

Nice to see some positive responses..thanks. and pattie you are right...i'm 29, trying for my 2nd, and in the last 2 months i have learned so many "new" things about my body and still don't understand it all. I am thankfull that i have found so many supportive women on this site, I have learned so much from you guys,,, so thanks! and those address look a bit bunched now that it's posted so i'll just repost them now for clarity. Good luck and lot's of baby



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