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Crystal Sparkle - September 27

Does anybody know what fertility awareness is? Charting my BBT, my cervical fluid, cervical position, cervical firmness and Os plus any other side effects such as headaches,br___t tenderness etc. Just so you know, my cycles are usually a regular 28 days. At the begining of this cycle, everything was normal. By day 12 I had egg yolk cervical fluid, cervical position was high, cervical touch was soft, Os was open and the temp was still below 98 degrees at around 97.5. As my reproductive system had slowly gotten more fertile from day 8 up to day 12 progressively, I thought that day 12 was the day I had ovulated. ( each day there was more cervical fluid or the cervical fluid was more consistent etc). After day 12 the body did what I expected it to do. Less cervical fluid, the cervical position even seemed to go down...basically on days 13,14 it looked like I was done with ovulation... BUT my temperature had not gone up above 98 degrees like it always does in the second half of my cycle. I kept wondering why my temp( if I had indeed ovulated) did not go up either from pregnancy or from the decaying egg inducing progesterone to take over the reproductive system and therefore starting the second half of my cycle. I mean day 12 was the perfect cervical fluid egg yolk (Just like you see in the pics) but my temp never rose above 98 afterwards. It went up during days 14,15 to 97.9 but that was it. On day 15 (Bare with me, this could be a bit boring for some of you.) I again had egg yolk cervical fluid and my cervical position had gone up higher. The whole time my Os remained open. I had had cervical fluid and an open Os from day 8. Day 16 my cervical position is lower(appears to be a little bit lower), Cervical firmness is a little bit harder etc. THE point is I was getting confusing fertility signs till day 17. Day 12 looked like I had ovulated, then days 13 to 14 looked like I was going into the second half of my cycle. Day 15 looked fertile but then day 16 did not and 17 was the star of the whole show... After seeing day 17, I knew and felt inside of me that day 12 was not the day I had ovulated even with the perfect fertile signs all leading up to that conclusion. Day 17 had a very high cervical position, very soft cervical firmness( just like they say it should be, like your lips), the Os was completely open, my temp was still below 98. It even rose to 97.7 from 97.2. The cervical fluid was egg yolk and you know what? On day 18 my temperature went up to 98.8 and has stayed up above 98 degrees ever since. All fertility signs point to the fact that I am no longer fertile. Os seems more closed, cervical position is low, harder, there´s still a thin film of cervical fluid but not like before. So, have I ovulated on day 12 or day 17? Your tempearature does have to go up afterwards for three consecutive days, right? If you have ovulated, your temp must go above 98 degrees afterwards for at least three days, right? Could I have ovulated more than once? If so, what happens to your BBT if you do ovulate more than once? One more thing, DH and I BD on day 18 (no protection). What are the chances of getting preggo after your ovulation? If of course it was day 17. We BD on day 18 in the afternoon. Can you still be preggo if your fertility signs look like you´re not. I mean, it is true that when you get pregnant, your cervical position goes high up into the body just like the day on ovulation? Today is day 21. Cervical position is low, Os is closed, my temperature is above 98, I have cervical fluid but it´s very slight, and cervical firmness is hard.Oh and br___t tenderness but that´s nothing new for me in the second half of my cycle. Am I doing something wrong or did I ovulate twice orrrrrrr? I´m trying to momentarily prevent pregnancy with FA methods. This was something we talked about as a couple, researched the information and decided that it was worth the risk. The only thing we did wrong that I know of is BD on day 18 as you are supposed to wait till day 20. We BD on day 18 because my temperature went above 98 degrees that morning. I was really anxious about my temperature till that moment, waiting for it to go up. Still,could I preggo on day 18 after supposed ovulation on day 17? Just ONE MORE thing ( Thank you for being patient with me!) If your temperature goes up in the first half of your cycle above 98 to 98.8 for one day on day 5, is this just a fluke? For all of you who have gotten this far, thanks! :-)


Becca - September 29

I think you Od on cd 17. After you O your ovaries put out progesterone that makes your temp go up. Just so you know, you do not have to go about 98 to prove that you've od. I O every month and my temp almost never goes above 98, but I start in the 96s. You just need to look for a strong temp shift and ewcm. That should give you a good idea of when you O. BD on cd 18 is not great but still possible. It is better to bd before you O because the egg only lasts for about 24 hours before it dies. You should start entering your information into fertility friend, as I have found it is very reliable in determining your O signs and pinpointing a reliable O day. Good luck to you.


Crystal Sparkle - October 3

Thanks so much for reading my long comment. I agree too on day 17 for O. I´m currently on day 27 of my cycle and tomorrow is the day my period is supposed to come. But, if as you say, I O´d on 17, then my period should come on day 34, right? Something interesting happened this morning when I checked my FA signs. My cervical position was high up, Os was closed and cervical fluid dry. My temp was 98.3 this morning. What do you think of the cervical position being so high right at the end of my cycle?



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