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megdan8582 - February 23

Yes, I know that some ladies on here do NOT like hearing those famous words "Am I Pregnant?" because REALLY the only way to find out is to take a test, right? Well, I just would like some opinions and plus, I really don't have anyone to talk to. So here's my story: My fertile days for this month were the 11th, 12th, 13th, and REALLY fertile on the 14th. fiance and I bd on the 12th and on the 14th. My period is due on the 28th. (I know I got a few days to go lol) But lately, like 3-4 days ago I started having headaches and these terrible and I mean TERRIBLE mood swings (worse than my usual PMS ones!) where I cannot control them like I usually can. I also have weird cravings, like I never have salad dressing on my salads and now this is ALL I'm really craving, especially late at night! And another thing is, I absolutely HATE mustard, but tonight I had two sandwiches with it on it and I just gobbled it right down like it was no big deal! And also tonight, I had this feeling of nausea come over me and I felt like I was going to throw up. Oh, and lastnight I felt almost like I had a fever. I was so warm! I checked online and it said that I could be 4 weeks pregnant. What does it seem to you? Any advice? My mom thinks that I could be because of my flushed cheeks and my uncontrollably mood swings. I believe it really IS a possibility and I am hoping so! Sorry this is so long! Thank you so much for anyone who responds!


Megray - February 23

Hi, I am in somewhat of a similar situation as you, I know the only way to be sure is to take a test, you are correct. I guess it is different for everyone. Some people I have talked to claim they knew they were pregnant, and others had no idea. I am ttc #1, so I have no clue what it feels like to be pregnant, but I do know the general symptoms. I do not have very many symptoms yet, except for pain/cramps in my lower left side, mood swings, and all I want to do is clean my house!! Let me know how things work out for you, good luck with everything!


megdan8582 - February 24

Well thank you so much for your response! I will keep you posted, and please keep me posted too. Good luck!


megdan8582 - February 25

Bumpity Bump


southern_starr19 - February 25

Hi, well megdan I am exactly the same boat as you. My period is also due to be here on the 28th, but I havent been feeling so well (I also posted something on here about it). I've had lower back pain, slight lower stomach cramps, headaches, very tired, and VERY nauseous the last few days. The nausea is the worst. It just won't go away. And yesterday I broke down in tears about something stupid (I am normally not a moody person even when I am premenstrual). So we will see! Keep me posted! I guess we'll both see what happens on the 28th.


megdan8582 - February 25

Hi southern_starr19! Thank you so much for responding! Yes, we will see what happens on the 28th...I have my fingers crossed for both of us! As for my nausea, I felt it in the middle of the night lastnight and a little bit this morning, but right now, nothing! (I guess that can happen to us women, lol!) I'll keep you posted and you too as well! Baby dust to all!


southern_starr19 - February 26

Wow I'm up late far as cravings go, if it is possible this early and if I am having them, I had a weird one tonight. All I wanted was some Big Red. You know, the drink? I havent had that in years! Weird huh? Still felt nauseous all day. I will not know for sure for a few days but I can't help suspecting it's true. I have never felt like this before, and I think I am pretty in tune with my body. But you never know, this could also just be a really crazy premenstrual time. Anything new today with you girls?


megdan8582 - February 26

Well, something odd happened to me yesterday. I was extremely thirsty! I had about 4 bottles of water all in a row! That's is definitely not like me because I usually don't drink water (only if I'm working out or something) but not like that! Then of course I regretted it because I had to go the bathroom several times after...but the weird thing is that it seems as though I am going the bathroom each hour to hour and a 1/2. Now, it could be from all the water I drank yesterday, but would I still be peeing it out lol? I don't know. This morning I felt a little nauseaous and now I have heartburn...which I USUALLY don't get from eating 2 waffles, an english muffin and some cran-grape juice. Just like you said southern_starr19: I'm in tune with my body as well, and if this is ONLY some premenstrual stuff, then it's pretty weird how our bodies can change just like that! That's it for me lol. Baby dust to all! :o)


Lin - February 26

Have you been on birth control recently?


southern_starr19 - February 26

hey girls, well not as many symptoms today. The nausea is so much better and really I have only had small cramps and extremely tired. I just am not sure what to think! Baby or Upcoming Period???? Again, guess I'll find out Tuesday....


megdan8582 - February 27

Lin, I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, but only for one month. Then I stopped it. Southern_starr19, I didn't have that many symptoms at all today either. My nausea seems to be gone, but I cannot stop going the bathroom! Just for the heck of it, I decided to write down yesterday each time I went to the bathroom and so far this is what I came up with: 3am, 7am, 9am, 10:15am, 11am, 3:30pm, 5pm, 6pm, 8:40pm (and at 8:48pm I felt to go again), 10:53pm...and for today, SO FAR (lol) : 8:05am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:43pm, 6:30pm (and at 6:49pm I felt to go again but waited and went at 6:53pm)...right now as we speak I feel as though I have a full bladder. I was thinking a bladder infection, but it doesn't hurt...and as far as water is concerned, I only had 1 bottle of Dasani today. Something's up. I don't know if I am pregnant or what, but I can feel something's up. Also: (sorry this is SO long girls!) I have no symptoms of my period to be coming either, which is weird because my right nipple hurt a little bit (like usually before my period) , but now it has stopped and I have no cramping either! Ok, whew! I'm done typing now lol. Good luck to you Tuesday Southern_starr19!


Buttercup - February 27

I have same question, but I am on birthcontrol. I finished my period on 2/1/06 then i was sick till the 10th with the flu and broncitis which means i had medication up the ying had s_x on the 12,15,16,19, and 23rd. the last week and 1/2 i have had headaches, dizziness, lightheaded, i get nauseous, but it just kinda sits in my thought, or it will come and go real fast. My b___bs felt real full last week, but now they are just tender around edges...hmmm I dont knwo what to think either...I would be a first time mom


southern_starr19 - February 27

Hey girls! Welcome B___tercup! Well meg, I had just a few symptoms today. I did not sleep well at all last night! Was exhausted before bed but couldnt sleep and woke up all night! Had to pee ALOT too! Not as much nausea but definitely still there. I havent actually gotten sick or thrown up but have just felt constant nausea, and it really won't go away. Today I also felt some sharp pains in my right b___b. And there aren't any signs of my period showing up. Normally I can tell that tomorrow will be af. This time I'm just not feeling that way. But I can definitely tell something is up. Something I have never had before. When are you girls going to test??? Tomorrow is period day (if it decides to show up!) This would be my first pregnancy so I just really don't know what to be looking for. Oh yea another thing and I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but I had a weird metallic taste in my mouth all day. It was really weird. Ok sorry this is long! Keep updating girls!


kmorris1 - February 28

Sounds similar to my situation. My AF is due on Friday (2nd) but I haven't had any of the usual pre-AF symptoms. I am however, peeing a lot more than usual, feeling nauseus from time to time, a bit weepy at silly things and very tired. One other thing I have noticed (sorry in advance if TMI) is I am getting a rawness under my b___st as if it has got heavier and is rubbing too much. I can deal with it by using Lanacane but don't know if it is a symptom? I've also had a stuffy nose, but not a cold. Also, last week, I went through a blitz on house tidying (I got really obsessed with removing the limescale deposits on the sink). This is odd for me - I'm not usually that keen on cleaning! Have any of you tested yet? I'm waiting to see if AF arrives on Friday before I get a test, as I don't want to raise my hopes. Kate.


Buttercup - February 28

yes i have emotionalover little things too i was driving to the mall sunday do get soem clothes for work and there was a elderly couple in the fast lane going slow and everyone was pa__sing them...when i pa__sed and saw them i got all emotional cried because everyone was pa__sing them then after i pa__sed they moved over...but who cries over that? and if it friend said that you can get a metallic taste in your mounth..i have had it but i hear you can...And also i am not sure when to test...i would have started sat or sun but this mounth i'm not suppose to have one anyway because how my bc works. I always go two months ina row then a i wont have one till around march missing a period really wouldn't be a sign for me....i guess i am having wishful thinging too...anyway..good luck to everyone..much love and baby dust :)


Buttercup - February 28

oh an one more flashes or feeling hot?...could this be a sign?...last night i felt hot but couldnt find a thermometer sp?.lol..anyway when i first started feeling like this about week and 1/2 ago i didnt think baby first i thought maybe i was getting the flu again but then i realized i wasnt and that i dont have a cold i just feel wierd..anyway..hope everyone have a wounderful day <3 @--)-----


southern_starr19 - February 28

Goodmorning Ladies!! Hope everything is going great for you! The metallic taste finally went away last night and was replaced by b___st soreness. What a joy. B___tercup it sounds like you have promising symptoms, but again, I would also be a first time mother if this indeed happens so I am really not sure. Everything I know I have been learning over the last week from reading and such. Kmorris I have heard that a runny nose is a possible symptom. Sorry you have to wait to find out but try not to think about it (ha! like that works!). Friday will be here soon. I have tested once last wednesday only because I got over anxious. It was WAY too early to know. I just let my impatience get the best of me. It was of course negative but all the symptoms have doubled since then so we'll see. Today is the day that I should get my period. If it decides to show then I guess all this was just horrible premenstrual stuff! But the day is here and I am just not feeling like its coming. Maybe it's sneaking up on me lol but I just don't feel like that, you know? I am usually right on target every month. I ovulate on the same day and have my period on the 28th every time (for the last 7 months anyway). I guess we will see what happens today! If I don't get it by this evening, should I test tomorrow? Or wait to see if I can get more accurate results? Good luck megdan, I know your af is due today also. Keep posting girls! This really is great to have people to talk to who are also wondering. It's helped me alot. Have a good day everyone!



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