For Anyone Is It Possible

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Megray - March 10

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you all know that AF showed up today :( I am very sad, but am trying to keep positive which is so hard right now. I have to try to not get my hopes up next month, but that also seems impossible when you want something to happen so badly. Good luck to all the rest of you who have no results as of yet. I will keep posting and keep in touch with everyone!!


heart_nurse - March 11

Hey girls! So sorry to hear about the bfns... I was really hoping for you - but really, until you get af, you can still be preggers!! Anyhow, I just had a crazy 48hr shift which really helped to get my mind off of the whole ttc thing, plus seeing the nicu and picu kids made me feel more at peace about letting go and letting God... anyhow, I'm 5 days late for af and will test tomorow with dh. Cross your fingers!


britneyhayden - March 11

oh heart_nurse i think its so great you work in the nicu i know when my daughter was in there the nurses there were my best friend i dont think i could do that job it would just break my heart i know there was a baby right beside my daughter who pa__sed away the time my daughter was there and it just broke my heart in two but i hope everything works out with you and you get a positive is this your first?? well talk to you all later good luck!!


Buttercup - March 12

hey girls!!! Sorryy its been a few has been alil crazy...but i took the ttest 2d ago and was bfn, but i am going to take one more tomorrow...for some reason i just cant shake the feeling that i might be and some be can have a few bfn's before they get a bfp sooo...i dont know...i was also looking at other forums on other website and some women on that one did not get positives till they were 3 months some till 6mon. and some only got positives threw blood test...i thought that was cool to if you get a negative the first time dont necessarly give up right away...take one we are going wil his parents to the beach for a few days....wish everyone luck and your in my prayers always...~*~*~*~*~*lotz of baby dust*~*~*~*~*~*~ @--)-------rose to all


Lin - March 12

@}--}---- <------ rose :-)


kmorris1 - March 12

Hi girls. Megray and Megan, sorry to hear it's not to be for you guys this month. Baby dust to you both. Mandy, will look out for your post when you get back from your vacation. Hope you have a great time, and that the test gives you the result you are hoping for - your symptoms all sound very promising. B___tercup, hope things are going okay with you. Baby dust that tomorrow's test is positive for you. I'm doing okay. Very tired, especially on work days, nausea from time to time, and peeing very frequently now. Will keep you all posted on how I'm doing. Keeping all you girls in my prayers :) Kate


kmorris1 - March 15

Hi girls. How is everyone today? B___tercup - did you test again? Kate.


Buttercup - March 15

Hi everyone...yes I tested one more time and was another BFN...:(....I am suppose to start in about 3days so we will see what happens...I just do not want to believe the test...i wish everyone good luck and lots of ~*~*baby dust!!*~*~


WENDY - March 17

me too im due my period on the 25 and im having things happen to me bad cramping and sore b___st,but i so bad wanna be preg.and i just wanna get my hopes up


Buttercup - March 17

hey ladies, Just checking in and seeing how everyone was doing...~*~*~*~*baby dust*~*~*~*~*~


Buttercup - March 18

where did everybody go..lolol...just wondering how everyone was doin


southern_starr19 - March 20

Hey girls! B___tercup I am sorry to hear you havent gotten a bfp yet...but its still early! It still may happen. Well I ended up being 2 weeks late and then very unexpectedly got my period. I mean I didnt feel like it was coming until one minute it was like whoa! I've never been late, and I've never had a period like this one. It was all really clotty and stuff. Ew. So I guess it didnt work out for me this time huh? Well, I'm not giving up! Will be trying again this month too! Thanks for all the prayers and yes, lets keep posting and keeping each other all up to date. Are you all that got bfn's going to be trying this month too? If so lets keep each other posting. I know I will. Kate glad to hear that you're doing good! Anyways ladies, keep posting and keep praying! Love, Mandy ----baby dust----


southern_starr19 - March 22

Interesting turn of events...I am going through a miscarriage. After having a weird period, about 2 days after it ended I started what appeared to be ANOTHER one! Sorry tmi...VERY heavy flow, clotty, and lots of blood. I am going to the doctor in the next few days. This is not fun at all. Ugh....Ya'll are still in my prayers. How are you all doing? Love, Mandy



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