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brittanykitty - November 4

Okay, hey girls I missed you all, I've been away all this time because as some of you know i was pregnant, then i had a miscarriage, and after that i was too hard for me to come back and talk about it, i've been going through a lot since then. well with all that said i've been confused about my period cycle, I was given a new method of birth control to try, I had unprotected s_x because i thought it was okay with the new birth control and all, but i dont know i cant shake this feeling.. about a week after i had s_x I got my period it was very heavy just like my gyno said it was going to be and it lasted 5/6 days. I also had a yeast infection from the previous pregnancy, and i put the cream in and all that and i got a lot of discharge and when i wiped i saw very light pink once. I was wondering if that was from the yeast infection and the whole cleaning itself out process or if there is a chance im pregnant even though i got my period afterwards. I don't know if i'd be able to handle another pregnancy so soon, and i swear i could kill the doctor for making me switch b/c because i just dont know what to think now. and the period i had gotten about 3 weeks ago was my first 'normal' period again since the whole miscarriage happening.. I am due for my period around nov 12-14 I think because if i can remember thats when i got my last period, im very nervous and confused. please give me your best honest answers with this, anything will help at this point. with love brit


Missy - November 5

Hey Brit - if you had your period since then and it was a "normal" period I think you should be safe. What are the dates of the m/c "period", the spotting, and the times of the unprotected s_x?


Doubleal - November 5

Brittany, I too just got over having a m/c. I was only 4 weeks(which eases my pain alittle). I thought my bleeding was never going to end. It sounds like the pink was from the yeast infection. I had one so bad and didn't even know, i was just really bloated and alittle crampy ,then i saw some pink and went to the dr. and mine was so deep. Sorry for the tmi. It sounds like everything should be fine. Hope all works out for you!!!


brittanykitty - November 6

Missy <3 I dont recall the dates of any of them, I just know that i had a s_x atleast a week before I got my period. I miscarried in september, I think around the 14th and bled for 3 weeks, and right after i stopped bleeding I went for a check up and the gyno said everything looked normal and that I was going to get my period really soon and I did, I spotted like a week ago, a day or so after inserting the medication for the yeast infection. Doubleal, im so sorry for your loss :[ I was 8 weeks. Thanks for the comforting words, it helped me a lot :] <3


Missy - November 6

Prolly unlikely you would get pregnant from s_x a week before your period - you would need at least a 10 day luteal phase (time from O until period) to get pregnant, and even then it's a grey area - 12 days is a more "desireable" amount of time for an LP. U are prolly just screwy from the m/c and yeast infection. HTH!!!! Lotsa luv!



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