For Grandpa Viv About Discharge

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christi - February 3

Can you tell me more about discharge? I seem to have it in abundance! Its clear to white and I thought I was pregnant last month until I had some spotting for 2 days. Now the discharge is back along with back pain, sore bbs, and some cramping. It seems to have started immediately after the spotting. Im not due for af until the 10th of Feb. I think I conceived on the 1st of Jan... Please tell me your thoughts. Im testing negative so far. Also, I looked for the differences in the cm to see if it changed around ovulation time, checking for stretchiness, etc. but it remained white and creamy... thanks for your help.


XX - February 3



kim - February 3

The spotting could have been implantation bleeding. The spotting happened this month or last month? Anyway implantation bleeding happens when the egg attaches itself to the uterus. When a women is pregnant they get a creamy white dischare know as luekoria. It increases as pregnancy progresses. This could be what you are experiencing. If your spotting was implatation bleeding then a positive would show on a test by now. If you did conceive on Jan 1st then you should wait until after you miss your period to take a test.


christi - February 3

thanks kim, Im also experiencing some changes in my b___sts- like dark veins running thru the nips- and those Montgomery tubercles. but since Ive had kids before i dont know if ive always had them- they look like white pimples kinda scattered all over the place. but the dicharge is what has been the biggest "?" for me. I dont remember having so much of it. thanks agin for your help. the "period" was very short and normally I get them for 4-5 days. I had light spotting for 1 day, 1 day of light bleeding- it was dark brownish. just seemed to stop over night and then skipped a day and I had some type of pink looking discharge. It was very weird. your thoughts are welcome



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