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Emma. - February 25

Hi La Rae - Emma here. I am starting at the beginning again - ovulating today - have heaviness in my lower abdomen like AF pain so hoping today is the day.......hope you are ok and get a positive soon, thinking about you!


hello - February 26

Hi Emma i havent heard of la rae hope she is ok xx Im back at start 2 but now im on clomid thing is im to scared to take the tablet i was meant to have it last night might take it tonight thing is im worrying about side effects xx Ovulating is great its the waiting i hate ha ha xx good luck 2 u


emma - February 26

Hi Hello....what is Clomid? I couldnt agree more that ovulating is great - specially if you are TTC....good luck to you too x


emma - February 26

Hi Hello


Emma - February 26

Hi Hello, what is Clomid? Good luck to you too xxx


La Rae - February 26

Well I took another 'El-Cheapo' test this morning and NOTHING....But I still have the nipple thing going on, so I am not ruling anything out just yet. I have also felt some mild discomfort in my lower right pelvic region, and also some 'growing pain' like feelings in my right b___b (my smaller one). I did something stupid yesterday and went 9 hours without eating - and when I finally did eat, I almost got sick. I felt TERRIBLE! I instantly felt flushed, nauseated, and my b___bs and my arms started hurting, it was weird....I wanted to mention something else about my nipples - they are EXTREMELY dry! The areolas too...they look really weird and I honestly do not remember them looking like this at all since I started ttc-ing in October. I also have a new spider vein forming on my left cheek and also on my left ankle. The one on my ankle looks like a snake - gross, huh? I figure if I am pg, nothing is going to show on an hpt until at the very least, next weekend, so I'm gonna wait and test again then - I should start ovulating (if I am not pg) around next Tuesday - so If I can tell that I am doing that, then there will be no need to test. I'm just waiting for O to start, or for my b___bs to start getting bigger - whichever God decides to send my way.....Thanks for your concern Emma and Hello. Oh, and Emma? Clomid is a fertility drug given to women who need help in that 'area' - and from what I understand the main side-effect for that drug is 'Multiple Births'. So Hello - you better be prepared for a possible 'supply and demand' in the diaper supply department! Good Luck to you! Good Luck to you too, Emma. Baby Dust to your Baby Dancing, you hear?


Bumpin' - February 27

it up!


hello - February 28

I figured two is better than none!haha I cant sleep on the tablets but it just better be worth it this time!! Everyone is preg around me and i feel like hurting them (ok so im not that bad) but when will our day come ladies????????xxxxx



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