For Modertators I Love This Forum But

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Mae - June 5

Okay ladies, it is crucial that we don't let negative people ruin what this site has been for many of us for a long time: A place for support and comfort in our times of need! So, hopefully after this afternoon we will be able to go back to what we have been doing for a while. I wish there was some way the owners of this site could "kick off" or delete the negative posts... Baby dust to you all!


maddie - June 5

I agree, I came here to talk with other since I have not told anyone I'm tttc. This WAS a nice place to come and chat, but now I'm thinking not so much


Mae - June 5

Well, I clicked on the poor taste b___ton for my post and so hopefully someone will see this thread. It is disappointing to see a site I have depended on for support get trashed. And worse yet, that people let it. If we would all just ignore the negativity we would not be feeding it to continue.


j - June 5

my husband agress with this that this person should be removed. I have had a lot of support from most of the people on this forum thanks to everyone.


KEEKEE - June 5

I feel like that is what wrong with this site. You can't say what you want. I never use the poor taste b___ton. I take up for myself and laugh it off. That is all y'all have to do. Kids will be kids. Pregnancy hormones is pregnancy hormonals. Just annoy this people and keep your head up. They can't do anything to ya. If you don't let them. Smile and enjoy this beautiful Sunday!!!!! I hope to hear some BFPs on Monday!!!! Baby Dust guys!!!!


to keekee - June 5

i do agree with you to a certain extent...however, JOY has crossed the line! did you read how she called all of us TTC pathetic, and basically ignorant for not knowing our bodies all that well. i have never experianced anything like that while being on this site, and even though i get upset about some of the other negative posts, this one takes the cake! she was WAY out of line, and just because you are pregnant, and hormonal, it doesnt dismiss that fact that she is being a down right b___h! i am also pregnant, and i am not as abrasive as that. her comments are just down right MEAN and nasty. and i think that this is what mae was implying...however i could be wrong. again keekee, i am not trying to start a debate with you in anyway, i am just simply stating, that JOY needs to be more tasteful than that, or go to another site where it solely dicusses issues only in pregnancy, not a site that has to do with TTC, and things like that. thanks for all that this site does at times, but we all hate this. and i am sure that you can understand at least that.


KEEKEE - June 5

Ok guys!!! Joy is a boy!!!! He is messing with you. Try to understand. Baby Dust.



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