For Pete S Sake Am I Pregnant

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Andie - August 8

I know this question gets asked probably ten thousand times a day, but I want to give my specific case to see if anyone has any advice/answers. I have been on the pill for a year and a half now, but in the last month I just kept forgetting to take it; as a result, I have constantly been having to do the morning/evening thing, because I just couldn't seem to get it together. Ironically, in the last month my husband has suddenly been more interested in me. We had intercourse (trying to keep it as simple as possible, sorry if it's too much information) probably twice as often as before through out June/July. In one instance, it was two-three days before my expected period. Strangely, my period came a day early - very heavy - and then stopped early. Just out of nowhere, it was gone. Since then, so for about three weeks now, I have suddenly been feeling sick to my stomach. During the mid morning, mid evening and typically when I eat, I just feel flat out nauseous. I am also experiecing frequent urination, a slight headache and huge fatigue. I know that with the pill the chances of pregnancy are extremely low, but with me constantly forgetting to take the pill, and probably having had intercourse on a day where I was at least one or two pills behind, I'm sure I screwed up the low percentage. To sum it all up, I'm worried that if I am pregnant that the pill could be harming the possible unborn child. I am not due to start my period for another ten days and am concerned that having almost an entire month of birth control in my system by the time I would discover I was pregnant could hurt the possible baby. Any help is completely welcomed.


jue - August 8

I would do a hpt to rule out pg, if it is neg then I would see your doctor. if it is neg then you still need to see your doctor, I was on the pill and taking it for a year when I found out I was 4 months pg and my son was born normal and healthy. good luck


Andie - August 8

Thank you for the help...can I take an hpt at this point? My period is due to start in ten days, so I am wondering if a test would show anything yet or if I'd have to wait until after I missed the next period as I had my last one for a couple of days.


Jo - August 8

Andie- At this point I don't think an HPT would come up positive. What I would do is dicontinue the use of the pill until I got my period (try condoms or telling your husband to pull out--mine pulled out for many years and suprising we never got pg. On the first time he didn't pull out---bam pregnant....So I am not a believer of the pre-c_m pg....not saying it can't happen, but I imagine the chances are very low). Keep DH stringing along till the 10 days are up and you can test. Have you had any other signs like sore b___sts?


Andie - August 8

I did experience some soreness for about a day and a half, but it has pretty much disappeared. The only other notable thing I've had is a pain in my lower back.


Andie - August 8

Thanks for the ideas, btw. I will have to give it a try and hope these ten days come quickly, so that I can test!


Julie - August 8

Hi Andie. I agree with the other posts. First get off the pill so your body can regulate itself. Then, if you happen to be pg, you don't have to worry about doing any harm. In about a week or so, try a hpt......or whenever your period might come due. Your symptoms sound like early pregnancy. BUT, it could also be that your hormones are just screwy from the missing days of pills???


m - August 8

Missing pills causes your body to do strange things. But my doctor thinks I am preg (not late yet) and I am on the pill. She said it will do no harm to keep taking it till AF comes or a bfp. Stopping the pill in the middle of the pack will just cause breakthrough bleeding and that will lead to problems if you are NOT pregnant.


Mel - August 8

Andie - just so you know, if you are planning on discontinuing the pill, most likely you will experience a light period (or as "m" said breakthrough bleeding). I'm not sure what would be best for you to do. I discontinued use mid cycle and my dr said this is not a good thing to do. However, I'm not sure what they would recommend if you thought you may be pg. I would call you dr before you stop taking it. They would know. They may ask that you come in for a blood test to check for pregnancy. I just wanted you to know that stopping the pill mid cycle can really screw you up, if you aren't pg. So check with your doc! Good luck!


Andie - August 9

Thanks for the help, all. After a nice doctor's chat, I'm going to remain on the pill until this cycle ends. I don't want to have any breakthrough bleeding! I think I may go ahead and try an hpt test this evening; though I'm not sure if it would "show" anything yet. Could it test positive at this point or should I wait until I would miss (if I am pregnant) my next period? Also, is diaharrea a possible sign of pregnancy? I am feeling so strange lately and now that came upon me yesterday night. I just don't get it! I'm not sick; I just have had this weird tiredness/fatigue/nausea/lower back pain going on for a couple of weeks now. I don't have a cold, I don't feel achy like what you'd expect with a flu, so I really just don't know. How nerve-wracking!


C. - August 9

Andie, if you are far enough into pregnancy, to cause you to feel sick, then you can definitely test now. Because you mentioned feeling sick for the past 3 weeks. So, if this is due to pregnancy, you have to be at a stage where the pregnancy produces enough hormone to make you feel nauseous. So, I'd test now. If you test negative now, then you know for sure that your feeling sick for all this time, is not due to being pregnant! I wouldn't stop mid-cycle either, or your cycle will be even more confused..Test as soon as possible, and if negative continue til AF is due. It sucks cuz the pill really messes with your cycle, if you don't, or are not able to, take it on time all the time. Good luck to you!!!


Viv - August 9

The pill can do weird things to you if you miss any, it can mimic pregnancy symptoms...the first month I was off the pill I had every symptom in the book, I was sure I was pg, but it was just the hormones all out of wack. Since you had af you are probably not pg, but take an hpt just to be sure. I'd do like your dr said, stay on the pills and take an hpt if you are late this time. good luck



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