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Unknown - December 28

Can anyone tell me if smoking marijuanna can affect a pregnancy test? Been a smoker for years but quit as soon as I missed my period. I am 5 days late and thinking of all possibilities, marijuanna came to mind??


: ) - December 28

Actually I have read many research that says just the opposite. In Jamaicaan mothers those that smoked heavily vs. those that didn't at all or light had babies that tested above average in all catagories after birth. It still isn't enough to convince me to smoke during my pregnancy, but its enough to relieve my mind. I don't think marijuana can effect your period.


hehehehe :-) - December 28

Yeah guys, I hear ya! I'm wondering if I'm preg too & I'm a pothead. I also have my degree in psychology & have learned that there are no studies showing weed affecting babies. There are not many studies because they can't ethically test it....except for in places like Jamaica or I guess Amsterdam. But I've known mothers who have smoked up (but not ALL the way thru preg) & their babies have turned out just fine. If I find out I'm preg, I'll keep toking, but not nearly as often & not the whole way thru preg either. That's just my personal feelings on it.


nobody - December 28

no, smoking weed won't affect your period.


Sarah - December 28

I'm not offended by this but don't agree with it. I'm a very open minded individual who ironically just finished watching a show about how alcohol affects a fetus for their whole lives with often undiagnosed alcohol induced neurological disorders which often manifest themselves as just bad behaviour. The majority of these people end up on the streets on welfare prost_tutes, mentally ill, in name it. I don't want it to sound as though I'm preaching here but I work with people (mentally ill adults w/ schizo, paran schiz, manic/dep) and many of these individuals abused drugs or their parents did, including things like marijuana. Just because there aren't studies saying it is or isn't harmful doesn't mean we should continue doing it. In the grand scheme of things 9 months without is very little considering it may affect your childs entire life.....think about it.....and if your not...smoke all you want, it's your choice


uuuhok - December 28

This is a response to the most recent post. #1 those parents who abused alcohol during pregnancy probably abused other substances as well, that's why they're children came out with so many other problems other than FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) & #2 it probably just wasn't due to the fact that they abused whatever during pregnancy, they could also just have poor parenting skills. It's about both nature & nurture. I have my degree in psych & I'm earning my master's in early childhood special ed so I know a lot about this kind of thing. I could be preg, but I also smoke up. The reason they can't ethically test the effects of weed on an unborn child is because you can't just give a mother a bunch of weed & ask her to smoke it while she's preg to see what happens. The only way that could be tested is if you find mothers who did smoke up during preg, but the confounding variable there is that a lot of people who smoke weed also smoke cigarettes or may do other things & that of course can have an effect on any kind of proper research results. Personally, when I find out I'm preg, I'll curb the toking habits a lot & then stop smoking it all together further along in the preg. I understand that just because it can't be studied properly that it doesn't mean your baby will turn out fine. I just know that weed is not a "drug" like other drugs that have serious implications with unborn children. There would be no withdrawl because weed is not physically addictive. If all you're doing is smoking a little bit of weed now & then while you're preg, your baby should turn out fine.


Sarah - December 28

I understand your point and obviously why they cannot test, this is only commen sense. Anything that alters the body and can be transmitted through the placenta is not safe as far as I'm concerned. I understand your theory about an every now and then thing not affecting a child. There are many women who if a special occasion arises they may have one drink, I think this is fine. I do think however, the best time to do the least amount of smoking is not later in pregnancy it's the first tri-mester as the 6th week/7th week are when most abnormalities can occur........I'm not arguing your point, simply that things are not black and white and you should know this with a degree in example being the causes of mental illness.


uuuhok - December 28

alcohol can harm an unborn child..that i won't disagree with. but what studies have shown that smoking weed while preg have resulted in mental illness? there is always a z factor (a confounding variable) attached to these kind of studies, so most results are only correlational, not positively proving anything (showing a possible relationship, but not proving fact). the only things that have been statistically found to harm a baby for sure are those hard drugs & alcohol. those can cause mental illness


Sarah - December 28

I don't need studies, I work front lines with these people every day, I know their family histories, and their previous habits. When you work front line with these people day in and day out year after year, all the theoretical jargon really says nothing other than their could be genetic, social and environmental factors (proven in all instances)so really what they are saying is they aren't sure, so my point is that science has been wrong, inconclusive and continues to evolve answering more and more questions everyday about these kinds of things so just because their haven't been studies disproving this doesn't mean it's safe. I know marijuana is the most tame of all the drugs but they say to stay away from anything for reasons, it tends to be a cover all answer b/c they aren't sure the extent of damage things can if you aren't sure why take the risk?


uuuhok - December 28

I'm not saying that it's okay for everyone to smoke while preg. I'm just saying that the research doesn't show me enough. I've been so enveloped in this area for several years now that I've read & know so much about all kinds psychological/mental problems & mental difficulties involving disabilities (special ed) that I've seen no evidence of difficulty in children born to mothers who have smoked up some during pregnancy. I understand the risk of doing this during pregnancy, I just don't think it's that big of a risk. Don't get me wrong though, I never said no will I say that it's something to do in & out everyday of your pregnancy. I wouldn't do that. I'm saying the risk isn't that big, especially if you're only doing it once in a while & even stopping at some point in the preg.


k - December 28

When you become pregnant your body is no longer your body!! You should not drink, smoke anything or do any other drugs while you are pregnant. A gla__s of wine every now and then most likley wont hurt the baby but besides that think about you baby... This just sounds ludacris to me!!! YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT COULD HAPPEN AND RASING A CHILD WITH DISABILITIES IS VERY HARD!! And to have it on your mind that your baby has to deal with this because of your ignorance is a hard thing to live with for the rest of your life.


uuuhok - December 28

if you really think about it...a few gla__ses of wine every now & then creates the same amount of risk to the unborn child. and if you read my previous postings you'll see why i needn't be reminded of children with disabilities.....i'm well versed in that area.


Christine - December 29

wow what a convo...I just wanted to add my own for a gla__s of wine here and there...for one of the last posts...your saying exactly what Sarah was stating..the risks are small...point is they are still do you say ok to a gla__s of wine here and there and not a joint here and there...same difference to me..actually information suggests it is worse to drink any alcohol than smoke week...I have friends that smoked throughout their pregnancy's...the kids are quite fine...a little messed up I think because the parents are not "Cla__s A" parents but I dont think any of there acting out came from the smoking...I also know a girl who drank rum and coke throughout her pregnancy(yeah I would of liked to slap her)...and her daughter seems to be fine...she actually seems like she may have a learning disability(but that could have come from somewhere else) and she is still only six so we will see...I do have to agree with is probably better to lay off the smoking in the first trimester...rather than later on...research shows that the first trimester is the most damaging...good luck to all of you...lord knows I'm not perfect nor did/do I follow all of the do and donts of pregnancy...but I try the best I can and thats gotta count for something....good luck


k - December 29

I wa snot saying to have a gla__s of wine evryday or once a week.. I was saying that if you were to have a gla__s of wine here and there throughout you pregnancy it wouldnt hurt.. Wine is actually good for you. Unlike hard liquors. If you are out with your hubby for a special occasion and have a gla__s a wine it will not hurt you or the baby.


uuuhok - December 29

and if you're hanging out with friends & a joint comes your way, it won't hurt the baby either.


Kay - December 29

I was a pot head before I found out I was prego and smoked for 2 months before finding out. then stopped. My child is above average in every way. My friends continued to smoke through out entire prego and both came out really small and sickly.


Christine - December 29

Ok..Ok...I'm not really trying to argue at all..I'm just adding my own input...but please tell me where I can find in research that wine is Good for you once in a while..and that it will definately have NO effect on the unborn fetus/baby...because here in America(New York) to be exact...I am on my third and any doc I have spoke to says NO alcohol consumption is is alcohol...



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