For Those Of Us Waiting Let S Share Signs Amp Symptoms

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Layla - March 15

Ebun, I'm sorry to hear about the cysts. Let me know what the doc says to do. I'm prone to them as well and haven't had a follow up since an abnormal pap. I hope all works out for you maybe you'll get a baby next month!


waiting - March 15

Well I am 10 days late. Just took a pregnancy test it came out BFN. Oh well how disappointing. Still feel fluttering in my lower stomach below my belly b___ton. My b___bs do not tingle though. So maybe I am just late. please someone talk to me to relax me.


Lisa - March 15

Hi ladies! I'm happy to see so many of us hopeful this month! It's 11 DPO and I started having really mucus-like discharge this morning which has since become more watery. Not sure what that is but I'm hoping it's a *good* sign! Haven't had any spotting or bleeding but I've had wicked twinges of pain in my lower abdomen along with some pretty noticable cramping... like AF will be here any minute. Breasts are full and hurt near the armpit area today... weird. Keep us all up to date!!! Good luck everyone - tell us when you get that BFP!!!!


Lisa - March 16

So depressed today.... I had so many symptoms this month I took a First Response Early test today - BFN. Oh well, guess it's going to be a doosey of a period this month! Good luck to the rest of you.


riya - March 17

can i also participate


riya - March 17

can i patticipate


riya - March 17

i am trying .iw nna a baby badlyyyyyyyyyyyy


riya - March 17

i an due b/w 20-22 anytime..........hey i just don't wnt her this time. I havehaving a little [ain just below my abdomen and a little nause ae well. There is offwhite discharge also........can i be prg.............pls tell me


Tara - March 18

I'm 10 DPO, yesterday I had a headache and feeling nauseaus...vormitting from morn till night.I felt so weak!!.Had hot flashes and perspiring whole night even though the AC was on.Today still have nauseaus but not as bad as yesterday but feel very sleepy considering I slept whole day yesterday....Am I possibly be pregnant?


julie - April 16

You do have clear symptoms, but my advice is not to go crazy, until the test come back positive... And for those women who feel mucusy and salivating alot, you may have an a yeast can really upset ur system and doesnt have to itch you for it to be there either..soo ask ur doctor to check that out.


ris - April 17

hey peps. im so worried. i have been peeing alot and i feel really bloated. my mens is like 2 days late. i dun feel sore on my b___st like u all say or anything. bt you know...theres just this "feeling" that im preg. i have stomach aches too but i normally pa__s motions. not really like cramps or stuff. so am i preg?


Maren - April 17

Lisa I am having these symptoms too and have been so anxious. I took a test which was neg. It was only 8 DPO but my nipples are swollen and I have those same bumps around areola. The heat is bothering them, also large vein runs around wider areola. The last two days I have been feeling slightly queezy, like I am recovering from flu. My heartbeat is heavy and I feel bloated. I am pretty sure ovulation hit because I could tell all my drives were pumped up....which was so weird since this is my first month off bc. (orthotricyclen low) anxiously waiting for end of cycle....still 8 days away.


Nica - April 18

Wait a few days and test again. Salivation and constipation and enlarged b___bs were my first signs of pregnancy but it took a while for the test to show it.


Kathy - April 18

I got my BFP today my only symptoms are being tired and heartburn!!!


erica - April 19

Kathy- when did you start feeling heartburn? How many dpo?


Kathy - April 19

My period always changed a couple of days each month. So it is kind of hard to know the day I didn't use any opt. This was only our second month trying to we kind of just picked a block of time and tried that whole time. The nearest I can come up with I was due for AF on the 15th and the heartburn started a day or two before thenbut wasn't to bad. Got pretty bad the last three days.. Hope that helps!!



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