For Those Of Us Waiting Let S Share Signs Amp Symptoms

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shaz - July 30

hi shaz my advise is go and see ur GP and he will send u for a scan good luck


mush - July 30

hi any one having light spotting and bachach im 5 weeks pregnant im really worried plz help.


A mom - July 31

Mush, light (pink or browninsh) spotting is okay, it's your stomach stretching. When the spotting becomes heavy like a bright red or dark red and it becomes heavier, then you want to call your Dr.


jue - July 31

to marie, I took plan "B" nearly 16 yrs ago and it failed for me plan "B" is now nearly 16yrs old with pimples and moodiness, but I still love him he he he, I would wait for your af date and if she doesnt arrive go and see the doc. good luck


mush - July 31

hi everyone what dose the cramping feel like.


r - July 31

my cramping is light but no sign of af at all im 2days past af


r - July 31

my cramping is light but no sign of af at all im 2days past af xxx


lauz. - August 1

hi i am going through similar problems, i was on the birth control pill and i missed for one day and came on my AF the next day so i didn't take the pill the in the sunday i slept with my boyfriend which would have been when i was ovulating, now over the past few days i have had a lot of bloating,tiredness,moodiness and peeing alot frequently aching of the stomach eating twice as mucha dnt hings i never really eat also having alot of headaches some one help am i pregnant? am i to early to test as i aint missed a period yet? due on in two weeks. email me back to [email protected]


cj - August 1

hey sounds like we are all in the same boat! waiting sure does take its toll, huh? This is our first month of ttc and i am experiencing enlarged bb's (but not sore at all), feelings of major bloated-ness that is tighter feeling under the belly b___ton, huge increase in appet_te, seems to be much more "wet" down there and a slight feeling of heartburn in the throat area. My last cycle began on 7/4 and we did the baby dance on 7/17 and 7/18. do these symptoms sound promising? Oh and I am one day late for AF...


nicole - August 4

i have been nausated for past two months been having severe pevlic pain and im hungry all the time


Sophia - August 23

I am 10 DPO. I have been feeling very tired and been experiencing menstral like cramps and lower back pain.


Amira - August 23

Took a blood test and will get the results on thursday...


LeLe - August 23

CJ- Looks like we are on the same boat. my cycle started 7/31 and tried the 11th 13th and the 15th. Im sceduled to get my period on Sat. My symtoms are dizzyness I have an increased appet_te I have a white discharge with no discomfort. I had alittle spotting which I never have. Don't you hate the waiting game. No sensation in my chest but nothing there to begin with. Can't wait for that. Let me know how it is going and let me know if you have any spotting after s_x? Good luck


Julia - August 23

Sophia I am 9dpo today and yesterday and today have had a very achy lower back. I've also been having AF like cramping, and some on and off achy pains. That's about all for me so far.


star - August 23

I have been having period like cramps for the past 5 days but no period, due tomorrow...stomach feels very full and have diarrehea on and off. nipples sensative and sore...also noticed bluish tinge to v____a and veins in hands and chest more popping out. Also i had a dream around the time that conception would of occured of giving birth to a newborn...who knows could just be af coming along any moment...I hate waiting!!


jojo - August 24

i am over a month late, 4 neg. tests, achy b___sts, not other sym



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