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Cee Bee - May 5

Hi everyone - got my blood test results yesterday, and as I highly suspected (due to the onset of a very light AF), was negative. So here's to remaining positive for next time around. For those of us around the same time of waiting meet here to chat if you like. I am on an AI programme, so have to go back to the hospital today to collect my injections etc etc.....good luck to us all


amy w - May 5

hi cee bee, i am sorry to hear of your negative blood test, i am in the same boat right now, i am waiting now for the 2nd of about you? keep us posted, and good luck to you as well!


natasha - May 6

hi everyone.. i'm also waiting for this end of the month. i just finished my af and waiting for the O day. i dont want to be so excited and stress out in order to get prego.. but i just enjoy myself through out the process ( getting pregnant).. one more thing i addicted to this site!! good luck and keep us posted


Audrey - May 6

Hi Girls, I am also waiting got af on Tuesday and now looking forward to O day. Best of luck to us all - lets hope this is the lucky one. Baby Dust to you all


Me2 - May 6

Hi CB...and the rest...I am waiting for AF. I have not got it. I am irregular so I was due between the 5 and 10th. I tested on the 5th and got a BFN. Got really depressed since at the same time found out sis-in-law (WENCH) is pg and I think she is due in Aug...Not sure toned everything out after hearing the news which mom-n-law left out in all of our conversations over the month...She never told us which also mad me upset just a real bad day yesterday. Hope all good with you all.


Doxtator - May 6

Hi Girls I'm waiting for the day I get pg also. Af is so crazy now a days. she didn't come in Feb was really heavy in Mar and had 2 in Apr 1 on the 7th and againe on apr 29. I'm just not having the luck right now. Now I don't even know when O day would be. Hope I have better luck soon


Keisha - May 6

hi girls. I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend during my fertile period and he came in me so now I am waiting for af which is due on May 12th. Yesterday I kept going to the bathroom but I think it is too early for pregnancy symptoms. Well I guess I just have to wait and see. Please feel free to comment.


Paula - May 6

Doxtator, I think the best thing for you to do at this point is start temping and maybe try an O-kit. I was in the same predicament. I had a cycle them not another for 7 weeks, so I started temping and bought an O-kit and established that I was to ovulate on/or about 04/25,04/26. So it works even when af don't want to cooperate. Hi keisha, you can have symptoms and frequent urination is one of those early symptoms. Are you experience any other signs?


Paula - May 6

Correction, I didn't have another until 7 weeks.


Pam - May 6

I had a m/c on March 22 and just got my period last week. I was so happy because that means we can try again. I am looking forward to getting back on track.


Cee Bee - May 6

Hi everyone - hope we can all wait together. I am in the middle of AF now. But like many of you, my cycles are (and always have been) irregular in all respects. But I do get a regular period (ie don't skip). My last cycle was 37days (one of the longest) but can be 28. So I could ovulate anytime between 19th and 26th!!! If I wasn't closely monitoring, would have s_x between those days. So if you don't know when you are ovulating - either get a OV test, or make sure you have s_x often (I was told at least every second day) for a period of about 8-10 days around the time of ovulation. I am on Artificial insemmination programme, so I am monitored closely as to when i ovulate, and have scans to make sure there is in fact a follicle. Then at the exact time of ovulation, I have to go into the hospital to have partner's "little boys" put right up close to the action (lol). Very romantic huh? But that's the way it is and we are cool with it - just makes it hard to have a relaxed att_tude towards falling pregnant when there is so much to take care of (injections/scans/trips to the hospital/blood tests) etc etc. But like I said in first post, just finished my first cycle on this and got the BFN - but am more prepared for this cycle - less nervous and anxious - it's all familiar to me so I can just try and breeze through. Start injections tomorrow. Good luck to us all waiting for O (or AF)


natasha - May 6

hi everyone.. i'm so excited to wait for the big O day.. and also i really excited to use BBt chart from does anyone heard about this site? and how u guys found out? is it working? i don't know whether it's working for me or not.. so i'm just giving a first try.. so.. good luck and keep posted.. BabyDusttt!!!


amy w - May 6

i am waiting for o as well, i am lucky enough to be ovulating before my dh leaves for 5 weeks, but when he comes back in july, i wont be so i am really hoping that this is going to be our month, i actually went to fertility this month, and charted my ovulation days, so hopefully that will be to our advatage, good luck to all of you as well. i will check back to see how everyone is doing...if it wasnt for you girls at this site, i dont know how much harder i would take one negative result after the other, and it is so easy talking to all of you since you know exactly how i feel :). thanks again, and good luck to all of us :)!


Rose (Aus) - May 7

Hi Cee Bee and all! Just finishing AF and awaiting the big O. My problem is I have no signs or symptoms of ovulation, so I find it a rather frustrating process. I know what to look for, but I just dont get any! Also my cycle can last between 30 and 40 days and I wonder if I am ovulating at all? Any ideas??? I have been trying for 4 months but have previously been on the pill, so I suppose the pill could still be influencing my cycle. Would love to be one of these 28 day women with an ovulation pain!!


Cee Bee - May 8

Hi Rose - I too have irregular cycles, and I have no idea when i am ovulating. At first, my doctor said to BD over a 10 day period (at least every second day!). That way, hopefully you would cover the right time. But if you want to be sure, there are ovulation tests you can buy. If you have a 30-40 day cycle - then count back 14 days from then - that would be days 16-26. But I would say days 14-28 to be sure. But that's a lot of BD - if yr not up to it - buy a test, or there is a temperature method which i know nothing about but it seems everyone else knows about it....hope this helps.


Cee Bee - May 8

Hi again, forgot to say - that now that I am on a monitored programme, I am given ovulation predictor tests and told when to start testing. It makes it easier. So I am just waiting now, along with my daily injections. I am not expecting to O for another 2 weeks - long wait...



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