For Those With Endometriosis

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irregularfrustration - May 27

Hi there everyone. I was just wondering if any of you have had a normal pelvic MRI only to discover during a laparoscopy that you have endometriosis. I have symptoms that would totally suggest endometriosis but had an MRI 9 months ago that was deemed to be normal...My MD wants me to have a laparoscopy but my dh doesn't want me to have the 'surgery' since my MRI was 'normal'...


callie2008 - May 27

why wouldnt your dh want you to have it done when it was recommened by your doc? i found out thru a lap that i did have a very small amount of endo. but i did learn that it spreads with each and every period. if you let the endo spread too much it could lead to infertility. i would definately take the advice of you doctors, not you husbands. besides,, alot can change in 9 months


luvmyike - May 27

Hi! I found out that I had endo after having a lap to remove a large cyst on my ovary. From my understanding a lap is the best way to found out for sure if you have endo. I had been told 4-6 years prior to the surgery that based on my syptoms I probably had endo, but the only way to be sure was to have the surgery. I didn't choose to have surgery because I too didn't think it was necessary...but needless to say It has been almost 2 years and i haven't been able to get pregnant!!! So I would do the surgery so that you can know what you're up against. Also, if they do the lap and see endo they can go ahead and clear some of it up. I had a severe case of endo and my doc removed as much as she could. I even had endo on the blood vessels going to my legs! Clearing it up dosen't cure it, but if you are ttc it can certainly buy you some time.


Macy - May 27

I was diagnosed with endo 5 weeks ago during a laparotomy to remove an ovarian tumour. The scan showed nothing to suggest endo. It's frightening how endo can affect your fertility, not even mentioning the pain that it causes. If your MD, from his/her professional experience deems the lap necessary, go for it. If they don't find anything, you can rest a__sured that you are ok, and if they do find something, it can be treated. Endo is not something to neglect if you are planning to become pregnant. I'm still sorry I didn't read the signs when the endo wasn't so advanced.


irregularfrustration - May 29

My dh is just worried about me having ANY surgery in general, and he asked a doctor friend of his who said that almost all endometriosis would be visible on an MRI scan anyways...I am scared about having an anesthetic, but want the surgery so that I know that everything really is ok...


Macy - May 29

I wouldn't know about the fact that all endo is visible on a scan. Mine was very advanced and did not show up on the scan. It is only when she opened me up to remove an ovarian tumour, that the endo was diagnosed. The dr described it as very advanced, she's a gynae, so I'd expect endo to be something she sees on a regular basis. I'm not trying to scare you, but if the dr suspects endo, it might be worth it to have the lap. And may I add, the first normal period I had after the op was total bliss, I took 3 pills(painkillers), as opposed to finishing off a 24 pill packet. It made a HUGE difference for me.


irregularfrustration - May 29

Just the possibility of having a normal period (as opposed to absolutely agonizingly painful ones that require tylenol 3, naproxin, gravol etc. combined) is what makes me want the surgery...and when you add in the fact that we've been ttc for six months (using opk strips and temping so I know we are baby dancing at the appropriate times) and haven't succeeded, I would like the peace of mind of knowing that the MD has looked and confirmed that everything is functioning as it should and that there is nothing there that shouldn't be...



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