For Women That Are Ttc

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TOGIRL - June 10

I was just wondering if you any of you ladies would like to part of a ttc support email group where we keep each other spirits up through the the stress of trying to concieve kinda like a pen pal thing


TOGIRL - June 10

oh my email is [email protected]


april goss - June 10

I would love to join in. My husband & I just started ttc. support would be great. my email is [email protected]


megdan8582 - June 10

Oh me too! [email protected]


TOGIRL - June 11



TOGIRL - June 11

all are welcome


Jaqi - June 11

Mine is [email protected]


kmdm0205 - June 11

[email protected], this is a great idea


TOGIRL - June 12

looking forward to talking to all you ladies


Mrs.Steve - June 12

I'd like to join, too. My email is [email protected]


AllyR - June 12

Me too. [email protected]


Lin - June 12

Don't any of you ladies realize that you should NEVER post your email address on a web forum? There are robots that search through forums extracting exactly that sort of information for spam purposes. You're just begging to be inundated with junk mail.


TOGIRL - June 12

Never had a problem yet besides i have better things to think about then junk mail


Lin - June 12

Well, better you get the spam than me, then.


TOGIRL - June 13

you know lin must be nice not to be stress out because of ttc unlike the rest of us our emotions are pushed beyond thier limted and we needed this support to be able to keep our spirits up and encourage each other when we feel like giving up. as for junk mail who cares that is going to affect my life but be able to communicate my fustrations with other ladies who are going through the same thing and feeling the same i do well just make a difference


Lin - June 13

Before you throw your little tizzy there about how I'm not being encouraging, note that I was trying to be helpful. Fine, you don't work on a computer and don't need the advice, but someone else might, and anyone who works on a computer daily knows how bothersome it is to receive hundreds of spam emails per week. You don't have to worry about it? Again, fine, but don't get snotty with me just because I offered a bit of advice for those like myself who have to sort through mounds of the c___p regularly.


TOGIRL - June 13

hmm you know what maybe i missed it which part of my comment did i say you were not encouraging i am pretty sure i was refering to the purpose of ttc pen pal group . anyways you should invest in a spam blocker if you work on you computer. i work part time on mine and i have a spam blocker i have never had junk email in the 2 years i have had it



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