Found A Penny FAce Up

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superstiouswoman - November 22

Found a penny face up in front of drug store...(bought a hpt), then found another penny face up in hpt isle...IS this a sign???I'm scared to test.


Test - November 22

And let us know........


! - November 22

I got a fortune cookie that told me I'd soon have good news to share with friends and family... then dh got one that said "don't panic".... only time (and testing) will tell. here's to NO AF!


To ! - November 22

That is funny, here is to a BFP for you!


erin - November 22

haha i hope so! my horoscope said i'd soon get answers i was hoping for. and i wished on a shooting star. haha i guess we'll all just take what we can get at this point. it's all in good fun. :) good luck


tee - November 22

I saw 2 shooting stars a few days apart right before my bfp..of course I wished upon them..good luck to you all!


! - November 23

just to let you know.... cd36 now and no AF... normal cycle is 28-35 days.... tested cd 33, 34 and 35 - all BFN.... still can't get that fortune cookie out of my mind!


unsuperst_tiouswoman - November 23

You know, !, I was actually thinking that most people might be able to take a joke and have a little giggle at themselves, but you obviously take superst_tion a bit too seriously. If you want to blindly believe in the supernatural, that's your prerogative, but by all means lighten up a bit.


superstiouswoman - November 23

well, for your info un...I got my bfp. so who's laughing now?


unsuperst_tiouswoman - November 23

Well, I personally don't see why anyone should laugh at anyone. Congratulations to you for your wonderful luck. If you've convinced yourself, based on one occasion of finding a couple pennies and getting a positive pregnancy test, that one caused the other, then feel free to think that. It's not like I'd be jumping up and down, thinking that my point had been proven had you turned out not to be pregnant, because the world doesn't work that way. That would be just as ignorant as your a__sumption that you're pregnant because you found some pennies.


hey.. - November 23

lighten up, it was just for fun. go get your turkey ready for tomorrow.


unsuperst_tiouswoman - November 23

I'm a feather on the wind, baby! ;)


! - November 23

congrats superst_tiouswoman - best wishes to you for a healthy and happy next nine months!!!!!!!!!!!!


amy - November 23

congrats!!!!! did you have any signs before you tested?



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