Four Neg HPT One Negative Blood Test One Pregnant Me

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Lizabeth - September 9

FYI.. I posted a few weeks back, concerned about being pregnant, had hot flashes and a metallic taste in my mouth. Took 4 hpt's and one blood test, they all came out negative. I took another hpt this last week (2 weeks late on my period) and guess what.... I AM PREGNANT! Guess I took the test too early and my horomone levels weren't high enough yet. Now I am 7 weeks pregnant. Just thought I'd pass this on since so many of us have posted with silimar symptoms and negative tests. It can happen! :)


toni - September 7

Hi and congratulations. Did you have any symptoms before your period was due?


hyde - September 7

congrats Lizabeth. it's good for you to post your experience here. there r so many women out there who r having missed/delayed periods n negative urine/blood tests n r freaking out n worried. Your experience should be a good one to rea__sure them that they r quite normal n alright. Good luck again!


Lizabeth - September 7

I had a metallic taste in my mouth and some hot flashes at night. I only started to feel really tired and hungry this last week and only felt nauseaus once. So...take care of yourselves, even if you aren't sure! :)


ca__sie - September 7

lizabeth--you were seven weeks pregnant when you were two weeks late? so the preg tests didn't even work until you were almost two months???? I think i am but tests are neg and i am one week late on period. i have been really tired and hungry and CRABBY!!! when do you suggest i try another test??


Lizabeth - September 7

Well the test did not show unitl I was 6 weeks pregnant, (I am 7 weeks now). Yes, take another test, you never know. !! Also, take them first thing in th morning. The one I took was very faint so I retested the next morning.


casie - September 7

lizabeth, why do you think that it takes so long for the results to show positive? Does that mean that something is wrong? I thought hcg levels were supposed to be pretty high?!? did your doc say anythinga bout why it took so long to show up?


Susan - September 7

I am having the same sort of problem myself. I went to the doctor today to get a blood test (the waiting is killing me). My last period was July 7, 2004. I'm glad to know that there might be a chance that I am pregnant. Also, congrats on the baby! :)


Julie - September 7

Hi, I was SO glad to see your posting Lizabeth. I am 2 weeks late (6 weeks and 4 days since my last AF). At 5 weeks past I had a quant_tative blood test, negative, or at least that's how she read it, she said, "its less than 2, we call that negative: I still feel pregnant and have tender bbs, occasional nausea and some abdominal mild cramping. Could I still be pg?


Lizabeth - September 8

No the doctor did not explain anything other than it sometimes takes a while for your hcg levels to raise...nothing is wrong. Keep testing if you aren't sure, because I am proof that it can happen even after several negative tests .


Julie - September 8

Thanks Lizabeth. ps, love your name! I am going to the Dr. tomorrow morning. I just feel pg, very "leaky" tender bbs, crampy, twisting feelings. Don't really care if I am or not. Husband and I are not really "trying" right now, but are also not trying to prevent. We want to be pregnant, just in no big rush, only been married 10 months....thanks for your thoughts.......this is crazimaking!!


Susan - September 9

Okay, my blood test came back negative. You said that you were only 2 weeks late when you found out that you were? I am 4 weeks late, and all tests came back negative. Should I wait or should I take the pills to start my period again?


Julie - September 9

Hi Susan, my Dr. said the same thing, wants me to start progesterone to get period going. I don't feel comfortable with that, I'd rather some point we'll have our answers. Good luck to us!!


Lori - September 15

Hi Lizabeth. First, congratulations! Next, thank you SO much for the post. That is really great to know. I am 4 days late for my period right now, but I didn't want to test too early and get a false negative. I am trying to hold out another week, if I can.


Betty - September 17

Congrats Liz to you!! I am 4 weeks since my last period and had a home test and blood test this week and both are neg. I have been trying for 2 years and this is the first time I have been this late so maybe I am after all GOD I so hope I am. Think I will do another test on Sunday and keep my fingers & toes crossed :o)


monique - September 17



Shawnna - September 22

Hey Susan, I am going through the same thing as you. I haven't had AF since July 13. ALL my tests are neg but I feel SOOO pregnant. Have you found out anything yet?



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