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freaking out - April 12

I think I am pregnant but I keep getting negative tests 32 dpo. My bb's have veins in them more in the right then left that were not at all there before. My stomach right above my pubic bone is swollen so badly. When I lay down it goes away but the second I sit up, it is back. Have taken a 2-4 hour nap everyday for the past 3 weeks. Why am I getting a negative. I even had implantation bleeding and a very late but finally short period. Am I or am I not?


Brandy - April 12

It definitely sounds suspicious. I know that for some it takes longer to show a positive test. My friend was 12 weeks before her's showed. I would definitely call your doc.


frastrated - April 12

im really pregnat.i supost to get my period on the 27 but i with my partner now.but on the 23 i was intimated with my first love...on the 24 i did a pregnancy test and it came out neg.on the 30 i did one & it came out +.but im pretty sure its my partners.cause i was not ovulating at the time i saw my first love...what should i do....????


hello - April 12



stacey - April 12

It's aggravating isn't it? Tinking you'repregnant, but not getting the BFP! Anyway, that long w/o af, and having symptoms like that, I'd call the dr. Go for a blood test. Some women just don't get pos. on HPT's right away- there's an entire strand on the Pregnancy Tests section about it.


freaking out - April 13

Everyone I am not sure now. This morning I woke up and my stomach was flat as flat can be. I only weigh 105 pounds anyway so it is easy to tell if it is swollen or not. For the past week right above my pubic area it is so swollen but now this morning it is gone. Is it possible only to swell as the day progresses or would this swelling last 24-7? Please answer.


freaking out - April 13

Ladies. Now it is swollen again. Please at least let me know if it is pregnancy swelling right above vulva then would it come and go? It is there all day except for the first 20 minutes in morning. So scary. Still testing negative. I know something is up. My b___sts are the main thing. They are terribly veiny and today my right one has been hurting. Not sore but just painful throbs going through it. I just want to cry. What is going on with my body.


HELLO? - April 13



Coco - April 13

It's hard to tell dear, it could be bloating. have u seen a doc yet ? If not , u should, that what they're there for!



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