Freaking Out

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glamourgirl2018 - November 3

My last  AF was sept 4th  heavy as normal. but when my period was due for oct 2nd i only had a tiny bit of spotting for less then 30 mins only a little on my pad and when i whipped . then oct 3,4 had nothing , oct 5th i had a tiny bit of spotting again less then 30 mins and then it was gone!!! for oct 6th my last day of my period i had nothing at all !!! i toke a home pregnancy test one the oct 8th it was negtive and i have had urine test done oct 3, and had a bata HCG blood pregnancy test oct 10th which came back as negtive . then had another urine HCG test oct 23rd which was negtive again .... i am starting to get really worried i have regular every month periods the only time i had every spotted was with all  my other pregnancies which the spotting also came when my period was due .... my doctor doesnt seem worried just keeps saying i am not pregnant cause of all the negtives ... but to keep testing weekly , and she ordered me a pelvic ultrasound on the 24th still havent herd back with an appointment yet ....  i am hungey all the time , my b--bs have started to get a little tender , and i am very tired all the time and have to pee none stop. but i am worried cause i have spine bifthda and toke it upon it on my self to start taking prenatal vitamins just incase i have herd so many horror stories of women finding out later on that they were actually pregnant all along when they were told they were.... i am just at lost what to do or think i mean i have never missed a period never mind now two that i have now missed 


Grandpa Viv - November 3

Gg, you do have some early pregnancy signs, but a negative urine test when three weeks late is pretty conclusive. Now you are missing a second period. Maybe you should ask the doc what other reasons there may be for your signs, such as an ovarian cyst or hormones upset by some other cause.



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