Freaking Out What Is Happening To Me

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Michelle - August 18

I had a light trace of my period (light pink) on the 11 on Aug. Friday a little more, sat was heavier but not really heavy at all barely had to wear a tampon. Sunday I bled more (had a few clots then turned more brownish) Monday not really anything brownish with a little reddish pinkish blood. Then Tues and wends. nothing little cramping some bloating. Today I feel wet some cramping, and when I went to restroom there was a light trace of pink. what is this. I think I had a period. So why would i be having all this cramping and bloating after and feel wet and have light trace of pink. Ideas


Emily - August 18

You could be having implantation bleeding(when the baby implants itself in your uterus) wait until your period should start and take a hpt(it sounds like you might be pregnant) Good luck with what you want to be.


Michelle - August 18

I would love to be pg. But I dont understand how I could be. My period was suppose to start around the 8-10 I kinda started on the 12th. I have irregualr cycles so I am very confused now. So i should not test till next month?


Michelle - August 18

One last thing the last time I had s_x was on July 28 or 29.


Emily - August 18

It sounds like you could have had s_x when you were possibly ovulating-so about know is when your normal period would start. I would get a pregnancy test and take it tomorrow with the first morning urine-oh if your still bleeding some I would wait and take the test until your done bleeding it could give you a false negative I have heard-good luck and baby dust.


michelle - August 18

Thanks for your advise. I will take a test tommorrow. I just dont want to get my hopes up. Baby Dust to all. Pray for me


Emily - August 19

Michelle, I was just wondering if you had any news.


Dawn (DS) - August 19

Any news yet Michelle?


Michelle - August 19

I took a test this morning it came back neg. I steel feel very weird, my heart is beating fast, still feel wet, and have a slight pink tinge. I dont know what to do or think


Mee - August 22



Emily - August 22

I would suggest going to the doctor for a blood test or maybe wait until next week and test again. I did not get a positive tests until I was almost 2 monthes late. I had low hormone in my blood.



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