Freaking Out Even Tho Home Test Neg

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Marie - November 27

Well at first I thought I was pregnant because I was a week late with my period. Then when I got my "period" I was so relieved but all it was was like a light brown color and it was barely there, almost like a lot of discharge or something. And it continued for the next like 7 days or so. Well when it went away it started to make me wonder still because usually b4 I get my period I have cramps and I know it's coming and this time I didn't have any cramps or anything either. Well now about a week and a half after my "period" ended, I have been getting that brown stuff that I thought was my period for the past couple of days. I have been feeling nausious (sp?) a lot but never actually throwing up, I have to urinate all the time but then once I actually go I barely go even tho I usually feel like I am about to go in my pants if I don't find a bathroom. I'm constantly just wanted to sleep or feeling tired after sleeping for hours, after eating I feel hungry just a few hours later. And I went to this website and a lot of these signs were listed as signs of pregnancy so I took a home test and it said not pregnant. Even tho it said that I do not feel at ease at all. I was reading about how tests could go wrong and one of them was not reading the directions correctly which they did confuse me a little and also I had just urinated about an hour b4 I took the test and the website said that if you don't urinate first thing in the morning your urine should be in your system for at least 4 hours. Everytime me and my, now ex, boyfriend had s_x we used a condom but I did notice that after we would have s_x he would ejaculate a lot and I think it would get out of the condom somehow because it would be on my skin around my va___a and on my sheets. This is another reason I am really scared even tho we used a condom every time. Sorry this is so long I hope someone will still be able to give me some advice or something. I am only 18 and a freshman in college so I am pretty much freaking out.


hmm - November 28

sounds like you might be preggo. test again in a few days



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