Friend Problems

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Alice - December 10

i have a friend who is newly pregnant and she treats her pregnancy like a disease! It is so frustrating. All she ever does not is sit at home to "conserve energy for the baby" i understand that she is probally tried but isn't this a bit much? Also, i am tring to get pregnant and I think part of the reason she does this is to rub it in my face that she is? Help, am I being selfish?


Christine - December 10

Wow...what kind of friend would she be if she were trying to put it in your face like that...thats just for being tired..she may have the worst of it...I was extremely tired in my first few months..and still am overly tired now at 51/2 months...not as bad may just be her...but it is probably the pregnancy...if she is that low to pull something like that...she is not a friend...good luck with your ttc...


E - December 11

I do not understand how sitting at home is rubbing her pregnancy in your face. I was fatigued as hell during my first trimester and sat at home a lot. It was a chore to shower. I think you may need to consider that she isn't feeling as energetic as she might have been before the pregnancy. So yes, to answer your question, I think you are being selfish. No offense intended, of course:)


tiffani - December 11

I don't think you're being selfish at all. I think maybe it's just hard to understand what she's going through, and especially hard to be happy for her since you have yet to conceive. Maybe once you get pregnant you'll be able to sympathize with her and better understand why she wants to sit at home and "conserve energy for the baby." Your day will come, hopefully really soon so that you can go through all the ups and downs of pregnancy together. Good luck to you!


Laura - December 12

I know what you mean. My best friend is due in 3 weeks but when she was first pregnant and all through her pregnancy and especially now she was and is extremely fatigued and complained all the time and I wasn't sure if she was just over exagerating. I thought she was dying half the time. What do I know? I have no idea what its like to be pregnant and could not imagine what her body is going through.It takes alot to grow a human being. I was jealous and I thought that if I was pregnant I would be stronger and could handle it better. I have no idea what it is like. Her other friend is 2 mo. pregnant and said "Now I know how you felt!" She's so exhausted too. I bet when I get pregnant I'm going to be on my b___t too, but at least she'll understand first hand what I'm going through. Good luck with TTC and perhaps she'll learn from you in your pregnancy and you'll learn from her.



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