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sian 1 - July 14

why am i so scared that i am going to misscarry i am nearly 7 weeks pregnant and cant stop worrying that i may loose this baby are there any signs i should look out for ??


TOGIRL - July 14

first of all hun try no to worrie to much it is not good for you aor your baby. and if you happen to experiance any bleeding accompanied with or with fever or cramps contact a doc immmediatly . god willing everything will be fine .but really try not to worry i know it is easier said then done


sian 1 - July 14



Celia - July 14

It's totally normal to worry about your baby. I think most women worry about losing their pregnancy during the first trimester then you move on to different worries (like is the baby moving enough) as the pregnancy progresses. My son is 7 and I still find things to worry about! Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy, Like TOGIRL said, if you have any bleeding, cramps or fever then contact your Dr. Hope you have a happy healthy 9 months!


Rhonda - July 14

Sian,if a m/c is going to happen then it's going to happen.If you are not bleeding and cramping really bad or pa__sing clots then you should be fine.I have had 3 m/c myself and it is a horrible thing to have to go through.But it is so normal and common for women to worry about having a m/c,my last m/c was 5yrs ago and i still worry about having one with this baby and i worried about having one with my last two kids.But just do your best to stay relaxed and please do not get stressed out.The last m/c i had was not five yrs ago i meant to say the first m/c i had was five yrs ago.Anyway my last m/c was two yrs ago and the reason for it was bc my dad died and i did not know i was pregnant but i had gotten so upset and so stressed out that i lost the baby.i had started bleeding and went to the er and they did a blood pregnancy test and one day i found out i was pregnant the next day i found out i already lost my point is dont stress over wondering if you are going to have a m/c because the stress can cause you to have one.Congrats on your little one.


Bigzy - July 14

You need to be relaxed you will be fine!! Congratulations


Emma2 - July 14

Welocme to the world of motherhood. At first your scared you cant concieve, then its about miscarrying, then its about malformation on the U\S , then its about the birth itself, then its about everything they will ever do for the rest of their Lives. Its all so terrifying and its a never ending circle.


ashleyd - July 15

Sian...8 weeks here...I was having mild cramping, brown liquid spotting and literally stringy brown things coming out (looked like lining...) and went to the doc to find out everything was ok. The cramping has since went well as the spotting...I'm with you because I'm terrified I'll lose this little thing, and we're getting so excited about it. Just relax, and if you ever want to compare things...let me know and I'll give you my email :) take care hun



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