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KWaits - February 6

How are you feeling? Within the last two days my bbs have did a turn for the worse. They hurt so bad. I am 5 weeks 2 days today. I got a babiesrus catalog in the mail yesterday. It was so weird going through it knowing in 9 months I'm going to have one. I don't think it has sunk in yet. How about you?


frozenfeet - February 6

Hi Kwaits! Sorry to hear about the sore bbs! Mine were killing me too but they have either calmed down a bit or I'm just getting used to it by now. I've got some serious morning sickness that started up on Sunday. I've only puked a couple of times but I've been on the verge many times! I think that it's starting to sink in finally and with my dh too! We are 6 weeks 1 day today and getting ready for the first appt in about 2 weeks. I can't wait to hear the pitter patter of a heartbeat! When are you having your first appt??


KWaits - February 6

I haven't had the m/s yet. Guess its on its way. Yea. haha My first appt is March 1st. A couple of days after yours. I can't wait. It will be nice to get this confirmed. I even took another test yesterday to make sure it still said positive. haha


frozenfeet - February 6

I don't blame you, i've done that too!!! I had a couple dreams about m/c so the next morning, i made me feel better.


KWaits - February 13

Hey girl. Time for a weekly update. How are you feeling? I'm 6 weeks 2 days today. I think my bbs are calming down some, no m/s yet but I felt like a could this morning. Took another test yesterday morning. Still Positive. You only have one week til your appointment. Are you getting anxious?


frozenfeet - February 13

Hey girl! Great to hear from you! I can't believe just another 13 days until my first appt! I'm so anxious!! My bb's are starting to calm a bit, but they are huge! I've had some waves of nausea, only puked once though...but it seems that when I get out in public, I feel awful!! Today, I am 7 weeks 2 days and mostly just feeling exhausted! I haven't taken a test in a while!!! I'm so anxious for my appt....i just want good news! So, have you todl people yet????


KWaits - February 14

Let's see, we have told 10 people. But they are just friends. And they know its a secret and can't tell anybody until after my appt. Its so hard to keep it a secret. I want to tell everybody! Plus its nice to see everybody as excited as we are. The only symptoms I have now is always being tired and the sore bbs. My dh bought me a body pillow and its the best invention ever. I slept like a baby last night. We are going out of town today for V-Day. Just to get away. Hope you have a good one. I'll check back in next week!


frozenfeet - February 20



frozenfeet - February 20

Hey girl! How are you feeling?? Time for the weekly update! This past weekend, we told our friends and family!!! I had a doctor appt. last week and got all of my blood work done. My hcg levels were are 165,000 and everything looks good!! The one concern that they have is that my thyroid is a bit hyperactive. It explains a lot though about how I've been feeling. I've been having rapid heartbeat, fatigue, extreme hungar and a bit of weight gain. They are going to check it again on the 26th...hope it goes back to normal...if not...I'll have to go on meds (which I'd hate to do). They say that it's fairly common in early, I'm hoping so much that it returns to normal! So....the family is all very excited!!!! They were all shocked as they didn't think that we were going to have a baby until we'd been married a year. We had told them that though because the heat was on us to have kids quickly after the wedding....we didn't want the pressure. Soo...that's about it for now. Let me know how things are with you and your little bean!!


KWaits - February 20

Wow, you beat me to it. I was going to update the thread this morning too. I'm so jealous you already had your appointment. Next Thursday can't come soon enough. I'm glad you had a good appt. Hopefully it goes back to normal and you won't have to take the meds. Did you tell the fam by doing the card like you talked about doing? I'm doing great. Still no sickness. I get some sharp pains every now and then but thats it. I took another test Sunday and it still said BFP so hopefully everything is going well in there. DH is starting to talk more about it now, which is exciting. I don't think he believed me at first. We bought a new Trailblazer over the weekend. We are going to buy a car seat and put in it so when everybody sees the car for the first time they will wonder why a car seat is in the back seat. Surprise! That is if I can keep everybody from seeing it til next Thursday. Let me know how your appt on the 26th goes!


KWaits - February 22



KWaits - February 26

Hey girl! Let me know how your appointment goes today!! GL


frozenfeet - February 26

Hey Girl! - I had my first appt today..and it didn't go bad but wasn't great either. They didn't do doppler today.. :( but they've scheduled an ultrasound for this week. My thyroid is still hyperactive so I have to go see a specialist for that next week and my hcg levels have dropped from 165000 to 151000, and I've lost most of my symptoms :( She felt my uterus today, and said it 'feels' like nine weeks...which is right where I'm supposed to be but with the loss of symtoms and dropping hcg...they want to do an ultrasound ASAP. I must admit, I'm very nervous...scared...I hope that the baby hasn't stopped growing...I will remain optimistic until then...but it was a bit disheartening today. How are you doing??? Can't wait for your appt...right around the corner now!!! Talk soon!


KWaits - February 27

Just bc your symptoms are going away doesn't mean its a bad thing. Most people dont even have symptoms to begin with. I have 3. Fatigue, zits and completely off balance. I have run into so many walls and then just start laughing. But thats it. Nothing major. I think everything will be fine. Keep me updated!! My appt is Thursday.


frozenfeet - February 27

Hey girl - I'm not so much worried about the symptoms as I am about the decline in hcg so quickly and so much...and I can't find anything on what is a normal amount to decrease after the placenta takes over. Just have to wait for an u/s...suprisingly, I'm not stressed over it....what will be will be. Check in again soon!


KWaits - March 2

Hey girl, just checking in on you. Have you been back to the doctor yet? I went to the doctor yesterday. It was kind of a weird appointment. They took all my family history, I peed in a cup and they took my blood. Then I went home. They really didn't confirm anything. They say if you get a positive pg test then you are. I guess they will call if anything is wrong. My next appt is March 21st. We told everyone yesterday too. That was fun. I stole your card idea. (Hope you don't mind). It was a hit. Let me know how your doing!


KWaits - March 5

Hey! Where are you? I'm worried about you!



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