Frustrated Venting

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BrendaW - January 23

I am just upset that my cycles are getting longer! I am so glad i am temping because i would really be getting my hopes up right now. No sign AT ALL of Af coming. This is only the third month my whole menstrual cycle life that i have gone 34 days. That is this month, last month 34 days and the month before 34 days. Usually anywhere from 28 to 32 once in a while 33. I have not felt any af pains, I have endo too and that usually starts at least a few days prior and nothing. My temps dropped this morning, negative HPT's. I know I am not pregnant and i want my damn af to start so i can start a new cycle! I wish the witch would quit messing with me! Ugh, i just needed to get that out.


layni - January 23

I totally feel you Brenda- My cycles were 35-38 days when we first started ttc... then they evened out to 28 days perfectly... I thought my body had adjusted and I could finally say good bye to long cycles.... BUT- This month I didnt O till CD21- Which means another long cycle still to come. I believe stress threw off and delayed my O..... My body is super sensitive to stress.. Maybe yours is doing the same? GL**


BrendaW - January 23

Could be, thanks. i noticed your extended cycle this month, that sucks sorry. But hopefully it will end in a BFP for you!


indenial - January 23

I'm sorry, Brenda. I noticed your temp drop this morning and was thinking about you. I hate having to wait for long a$$ cycles to drag on. I feel like some slow granny driving on the interstate with everybody else pa__sing me by


BrendaW - January 23

lol love the description. Well, hopefully we will all get BFP's and not even have to worry about being on the interstate! I hope so anyways.Blah...


mommy fin - January 23

II am soory, I wish you lots of luck.**********


VenusdiMilo - January 23

Sorry Brenda…d__n!…d__n! I feel for you girl :-( I hope AF shows soon or your temp goes up….something for Christ sakes. I hope you're still BDing as well because you never know…


Megs - January 23

Maybe tomorrow's temp will go back up?? If so, you had BETTER TEST!!! Maybe you don't get a BFP until after AF is to arrive... That's not out of the norm. Good luck! No symptoms does not necessarily mean you are out of the game and you not having ANY signs of AF coming is good too!! :-) Ah, I'm hoping for ya!!


BrendaW - January 24

well, af showed, I am glad no more waiting especially knowing i wasnt pg. But i feel like hell today. yuck. The pain started last night and then too i think i have the flu, double yuck. I hardly slept last night and have been really sick to my stomach. I dont know that i will make it all day at work today.



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