Frustrated And Need To Vent Sorry

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Frustrated - November 3

I have been a regular on this site for a year and half and can't possibly begin to say how many questions I have answered and have done so in the hopes that I've helped or at least made someone feel a bit better or less concerned. I myself have asked very few questions maybe three and each time have gotten NO REPLIES. I let it slide thinking that maybe noone knew the answer or had any comments, but even if the question was asked a hundred times before, please respond if for no other reason than to ease someone's mind, they are asking the question because it pertains to their situation, so reading an answer to a simillar question asked by some other person re: their situation doesn't mean anything. I know that I am venting and for that I do apologize, and for those of you who continue to consistantly answer questions, you are to be commended, I won't let the fact that noone has replied to my question stop from answering other questions, but it just doesn't seem fair...... WHEW, I'm done venting now!! SORRY!!!


to frustrated - November 3

i agree with you not being rude but i thought we were all here to help each other? i very much love this site and the support you can get from other women but when you have a question and not one person has commented it does make you discouraged or dissapointed. so ladies lets help each other. a friend in need is a friend indeed! lol


Nic - November 3

Its good to get things off of your chest every now and again. Vent Away!!!


slb - November 3

i feel the exact same way! i have also answered many Q's and get no replies to mine! thank you for posting this, maybe it will get others to answer even if they've answered it a 100 times! oh and one point i wanted to make: just because some of the Q's start out the same as many others doesn't mean it's the same one..i think alot of the Q's get pa__sed up because people think it's the same person etc....


RMT - November 3

I am sorry to hear that, but gurl it's okay let it out because keeping it inside is what really makes you mad! I try to answer as much as I can, to what knowledge that I know. I want an answer now but it sucks because not only waiting on your body or the possible test that one may take, it's also waiting on possible response from people that have been where you are that can help you...:-) I hope this helps.


tj - November 3

If you have questions, post them here and I will try to answer them for you. I answer lots of questions, but I usually stay away from the ones t_tled "Am I pregnant?" or "Could I Be Pregnant?". I get frustrated in reading a list of symptoms that could be pregnancy symptoms and also could be AF symptoms. I don't think a bunch of strangers on the internet can tell someone if they are pregnant or not. Sorry, that was my Seriously, what are your questions and I will try my best to answer them for you!


I agree - November 3

I feel the same way about getting responses! If you would like to ask something feel free to do so.


Just Wondering... - November 3

For people that know or has personally experienced this: I really really really feel that I am pregnant, I have metal mouth, tingly b___bs, pressure on my bladder that would make me pee all the time, headaches, dry mouth, and nausea. However, I had my period that was around two days late on the 31st of OCT. It was not heavy nor light for two days straight and then it stopped to come back light. I am getting pains on my right side of my lower abdomen... Anyone experience all the symptoms but still have AF and still is PREGNANT???? Let me know...


tj - November 3

Never had that, have you taken a test yet? If your period was due on Oct 29th, then an hpt may give an accurate result now. Or you could call your doctor and talk to them about it. They might want to do a blood test.


suzieQ - November 4

I stay away from the posts that ask "am i pregnant" usually. I'll read them, but it seems like so many of them are the same. Symptoms, condom broke, etc etc, could I be pregnant..... hmmm... well... think about it! You get my drift. But I really respect most of the questions on this site, and answer the ones that I feel I have a strong opinion, knowledge, or experience in. And this is a great site! It's helped me through two m/c's, and has given me support, laughs, and tears. I'm very glad it's here and that I found it!!!


Angela W. - November 4

Hi Just wondering, I had every single one of those symptoms this cycle- I was beyond excited when AF was two days late, but concerned b/c I still kept getting BFN's. So I went to the Dr. got the blood test and the next day AF started and I got the call that the test was negative. I'm sorry I don't have a positive experience to share with you, but it is different for every person, so I hope you get your BFP! Good Luck!!



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