Frustrated With Dr Am I Crazy

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Natalie - May 18

I went to the dr yesterday even though I dont have insurance because I was like 13 days late and thought I was having prego symptoms...well when i went ot the dr they tested me again (negative) and said that i had a cold...and gave me a lecture on birth control which really hurt my feelins. But anways my period still isnt here and no sign of it. The dr also said that I shouldnt be having morning sickness till I am 6 weeks along, and that if I was really preg I'd only be 4 weeks. He also said that if I'm still having prego symptoms next week to go to planned parenthood adn test. Well I'm gonna go there and see if they have any clue why my period is late. This whole thing is so frustrating, wish I was just preg and knew it!


JenniferB - May 18

It makes me so mad when doctors talk down to you. You are paying them for a service. Why do they think they have the right to lecture you. Giving you information is fine but he could have been nicer about it. I had morning sickness before I even missed my period. I would go to planned parenthood next week, they will probably be more compa__sionate. Good Luck


Grandpa Viv - May 18

Doctors are not what they used to be. Three of the women I talk to have been told not preg. based on a test. One was told to go to a gastro specialist to see why she was throwing up, another told to stop drinking or go to a vascular specialist to see what was causing her veins, and the third was given an external ultrasound and told that her light bleed meant she must have lost the embryo. Doctors have become reliant on tests, and do not have time to listen. Natalie, just keep taking home tests at weekly intervals (that is all Planned Parenthood will do for you) and if you miss a second period go to the doc and ask why. Runny nose and nausea are early signs. See my pages at Good luck!


Natalie - May 18

I think I am going to wait..a week adn then test and deside what to do if im in the same condition..if I dont test psoitive in the week it would have to be somthing I will go to planned parenthood in a week. I called them today and they charge $10 for thier tests but said ic ould set up an appointment after the test. But I dont want to waiste more money now, so I think I'll wait. It just really stinks. I want to find another doctor also.



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