Frustrated With HPTs

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Faith - October 21

I have been charting for 7 months now with fertility friend and using OPKs and my cycle is like clockwork. I ovulate on day 12, have high temps 1dpo through 11dpo, temp drops 12dpo, and AF starts 14/15dpo. This month, temp dipped for one day 10dpo and temps went triphastic (first time ever) 11dpo and have remained high through today which is 15dpo. I took my first HPT (first response) 13dpo and BFN, second 14dpo and BFN, third this morning 15dpo and I think there might be a very very very very faint line (did I say very?). It could easily be my imagination. Cervix is still closed and usually opens around 12dpo. No real symptoms to speak of, other than some light cramping and sore bbs which are always sore during the two week wait. If implantation was 10dpo (given the implantation dip) I should be seeing positive HPTs by now. Any thoughts?


Kim - October 21

Are your temps still high or did they drop? I had an implant dip 10 dpo o and then I had a temp rise the day before af was due instead of a drop. When temp was even higher the day af was due, I knew it she wasnt coming. So if your temps are still up it may just be to early to test. MAybe you could take another test and have someone there to see if they also see the faint line? A second opinion always helps! :O)


Faith - October 21

Temps have not dropped. Usually drop on day 12, but have been high through today which is 15dpo. prior to temp dip on 10dpo they were running 97.9/98.2 and now they are running 98.4/98.5. From what I've read a HPT should be positive 2/3 days after implantations so I just feel like I should have a BFP by now..... DH doesn't want to get his hopes up so isn't willing to humor me on the faint line. The waiting really is so hard to take. We are trying for our first and I've gotten good an understanding my body after 7 months, so this month has me very hopeful.


Em - October 21

Faith, I had a faint line on an hpt and then two day later had a darker line. Every person and every test is different. Try testing with a test witha high sesitivity. I use First Responce. I got a very faint, almost not even there line at 11dpo and a darker line at 13dpo. It could be that if you are perg, you just don't have enough hCG into you urine yet. Did you use first morning urine? Some woman don't have a pos result on a hpt until they are wellpast af to arrive. good luck to you. It does sound very promising. If you continue to test neg on the hpt, you can go into your doctorr for a blood test. hCG shows there first, so they are better at detecting it.



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