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ambrosine - December 25

can it be a sign of pregnancy for full ferning at 11dpo?


ambrosine - December 25

bump help1


AmandaMoo - December 25

What is "full ferning"?


ambrosine - December 26

amanda, the ovulation microscopes help you conceive. It ferns when you are ovulating,,,,,you can buy them on the internet...


cbaker - December 27

I have been wondering that also could someone answer.


melanie - December 27

Hi, I am currently going on 17 weeks preg now, but when I first found out I was I used the microscope and it started to fern slowly and by the time I was 10 dpo when I seen the full fern and got a Bfp.


Ashleyg - December 27

i am in the middle of the 2ww and i just got full ferning too! hope that is a good sign!


Ashleyg - December 27

okay, i just had my pregnant friend over and made her spit on my microscope...ferning!


ANSWERS? - December 28

Sorry girls...I don't get this microscope thing. What exactly is it and where do you get it, what does it do, and how much does it cost???? THANKS!!


ambrosine - December 28

i have full ferning again im now 14dpo....gonna do a pregnancy test tomorrow. BY THE WAY..IFYOU WANT A MICROSCOPE THEY ARE AVAILABLE ON ANY GOOD SITE THAT SELL PREG TEST. JUST DO A GOOGLE SEARCH I THINK THEY ARE CALLED OVUSOFT ..NOT SURE THOUGH cost about £20 from uk and about $45 dollars i think in america !


ambrosine - December 28



tiki - December 28

go to www.ovulite.com or google OVULEX or OVULITE MICROSCOPE


tiki - December 28

it is on sale for $35 now, i brought mine for $49.99 so try the bargain... and it its reusable.... unlike the ov strips which you have to keep buying over and over and over and..........


ambrosine - December 28

DO YOU KNOW whether pregnancy can show as full ferning?? ive had that since 11dpo never gone away


ambrosine - December 28



cbaker - December 29

ambrosine: Did you ever test yet?


ambrosine - December 29

nope too scared to test yet 15dpo cd 36



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