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staci - May 2

What is the funniest advice someone has given you on ttc? I was just sitting here scrolling through threads and a pc. of advice that my grandma gave me popped in my head...We've all heard it before, but coming from grandma cracks me up! She told me to get drunk and i'll get pg! I just laughed and she said "no really, it works" have i tried that! Anyway, thought it would be neat to hear some funny stories!


jeanette - May 2

My mother in law told me to put a heating pad under my b___t when we....*ahem* Says I gotta keep 'em hot! ROTFL!! She was born and raised on a TN mountain farm ( and is still there! ) way out in the boonies and has alot of tips for everything....HA! She is too cute for words!


jazmin1124 - May 2

my dr told me to get on four and let him hit it from the back! i told that was funny coming from a 65 year old corean guy


staci - May 2

Those are funny! Some of these people really believe that stuff! Keep 'em coming if you got 'em! jazmin, gotta love the dr. telling you to get on all fours!


AshleyB - May 2

My friend told me to do "the bicycle." She said that all her friends that were ttc would get pg after doing the bicycle and guess what I tried it and got pg that month. Hmmm, I wonder if it really was what did it. The bicycle in case you guys don't know what I"m talking about is when are lying on your back and you put your b___t up in the air and peddle your legs like your riding a bike. Looks pretty funny and makes you feel dumb, but it worked for me.


staci - May 2

ashleyb, if my dh caught me doing that he'd probably never want to have s_x with me again! i can just see my big behind jiggling in the air! hahaha! maybe i'll do that this time, i'll tell dh to leave the room!


LN030905 - May 2

LOL....Stacie..I talk to AshleyB over on Wanna Wait..and I tried it, but I waited until after my dh had left the bedroom..he came back in and he was like..oh my gosh..what are u doing!?!? Talk about laughing!! lol!! A naked woman with her b___t and feet up in the air peddling her legs and in my case, gasping for air!! lmao!! It was deff a site! lol!


linds99 - May 3

Honestly, that bicycle thing is so hilarious, I can't stop laughing about it. What an image I have in my head about that....I have to tell DH about funny.


Cindy Lou - May 3

Hey LN I did not tell you on the other thread but I kind of did the bike thing to...I did not have legs stretched out liek full force but I did the motion of the bike moving the b___t from side to side or so...Dh was already pa__sed out asleep since that was the night he asked for a raincheck...LMAO....Hope it works for us...LOL


staci - May 3

cindy lou if it works for you then I think there might be something to this bycicle thing! good luck, hopefully we will see your announcement on the board soon!


staci - May 3

i meant if it works fo you to then there might be something it! I'm sure you knew what i meant, just want to make sure others do!


jeanette - May 3

bicycle??? OMGoshhhhhhhhhh......I just can't imagine my big fanny up in the air like that.....I'd prolly kill myself. xD


nicole nelson - May 3

Hi ladies. I just thought i would drop in. I might have to try that bicycle thing. lol. like you ladies my dh would probably run out of the room lol. When i was pregnant with my daughter, a lady asked me what was I having. She said if you were on top you would have a boy and if you were on bottom you would have a girl. I was like whatever. but i don't know if that is true. lol.One of my friends told me she got pregnant from getting drunk. She saids it takes the pressure off of the situation.



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