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Alicia - November 21

My periods are never late (I am like clockwork) but now I am 2 days late although I have been crampish for the last 5 days and I am never that way. I have felt unusual twinges near my ovaries and in my abdomen area. I go the bathroom and check every so often to see if anything is happening and there's been nothing but clear masses of egg-white discharge. Anybody have any idea what this could mean. It's just unusal for me.


hayley - November 21

i am waiting for my period but apart from that i have the same symptoms as you, im confused aswell, good luck


Alicia - November 21

Thanks Haley


april - November 21

im 5 days late and feeling the same way, and would like to know what it means..hopfully good news


felicia - November 22

i have exactly the same thing although i have another question if some one could help if yuo only taken 5 pills and had unprotected s_x...could the pill be the reason why i'm late... and how early can you get symptoms...cause i have them already


Alicia - November 22

Felicia, I was told by my doctor when I started with the pill that it would take 7 days for it to really be in your system so my husband and I used condoms that week. So I don't really know if you could be pregnant or not, and it's possible as well for you to be late if you've just started the cycle of your pills are they 28 days or something else?


NT - November 22

Alicia, I think it is time for you to take a test. If you are so sure that your period is never late than these signs could very possibly be pregnancy symptoms. The cramping could be implantation cramps and it is common to have excessive discharge when you are pregnant. I am with you I think I run to the bathroom every five minutes to make sure I am not bleeding. I have had a bad run with miscarriages and I am overly paranoid. Felicia, I honestly don't believe that the pills had enough time to do anything in your body. I think you should definitely take a test. Good Luck to all.


a - November 22

go take a test! that is exactly what I was like when i found out i was pregnant.


Alicia - November 22

Hi Girls, I took the test and we are definitely PREGNANT. The line was dark pink!!!!!!


Shauna - November 22

WOW! Congratulations! You give me hope!


Alicia - November 22

Shauna, I pray that it happens for you!



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