FYI About HPTs Being Used As OPK S

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crazy HPT/OPK lady - October 9

i dont know if it is really true or not, but i posted before, and asked if anyone had thoughts on this or not, and i didnt get any thoughts really, but i wanted to let you all know that i did my own experiment, and in my case it worked...4 days before i got a BFP on a HPT, i did on an OPK, but you all can think what you want.


D - October 10

did you also do a hpt the same days as the opk iheard that you will get a positive on hpt before an opk but you can get a pos on opk


crazy HPT/OPK lady - October 10

hi, it is actually the other way around, that i read anyways, and i got a negative HPT, and a positive OPK test, days after ovulation, and then 4 days after the post_tive OPK, i had a positive HPT...i should also clarify that earlier in the month, i did the OPK to detect ovulation, and that was clearly positive as well (indicating ovulation at the time) good luck to you...also, i am NOT saying that this will or does work for everyone, but it did work in my case.


Indi - October 10

HPT and OPK test for different hormones, so they cannot be used interchangeably. OPK is looking for a surge in Lutinizing hormone, which is the hormone that triggers the release of an egg froma follicle and reverses the development of other follicles. HPT's test for HCG which is a hormone released by the fertilized egg once it implants in the uterus. If you got a ++ on the OPK when you were pregnant, perhaps you've got very active ovaries that were producing a second ovulation BEFORE the fertilized egg implanted...then later, after implantation you got a pos on the HPT, Use the tests for what they were designed for and save yourself some confusion and money.


D - October 10

indi, lutinzing hormone is in HCG, it is just HCG has another hormone thats what make the hpt positive, go to it tells more about that there


to indi - October 10

what does it matter? i DID get a positive HPT, and blood test at the doctor for that matter, i read some interesting info on this prior...and in fact OPK's detect the LH surge, and HPT detect HCG...BUT...LH, and HCG are so close as far as what makes them up, that a OPK can detect HCG since it is so close to LH...( HCG having ONE more component than LH), so THAT miss indi is why they are saying that OPK's can be used as a early HPT...I DID USE THE TESTS FOR WHAT THEY WERE INTENTED FOR...but my curiousity got the best of me, AND I DECIDED TO EXPERIMENT SOME...whats the big deal...i posted here to let anyone who was curious about this topic know that FOR ME personally the myth was true...FLUKE...could be, but i am pregnant...SO again...worked for dont need to speak down to me in any way, i have researched this, which i am sure many of us here have (especially if you check out, i would suggest that if you think that i am not educated on this, or if you think that i dont know what i myself have read that you research for yourself using OPK's as HPT's to understand what sparked my curiousity in the first place.


noooo - October 10

she's baaacccckkkk!


TO CRAZY - October 10



me - October 10

some people fail to understand that lh and hgc r made from the same melecule and the tests pick them both up these to chains r called beta and alpha the alpha chain is in both a hpt and an opk and the beta is in hpts but the opk will pick up alpha which is in hcg aswell but its easier to pick up. beta is harder to pick up. it wrks for most people but not all


me - October 10

oh no those idiots are back again trying to brainwash people again godsake cut it out i dont even know who u r


helen - October 10

I think for the sake of confusion use the tests for the job they are supposed to do, but if you get a bfp either way who really cares as long as you achieved your end goal.


leonia - October 10

hi crazy,never saw this post or i would've wrote experience is similar to yours.i have a clear blue easy fertility monitor,used for 2 months.well i went and bought a clear blue easy digital pregnancy test a month ago,it came with 2 sticks.i noticed really quick the strips looked the same so the idea formed,lol.there is a website that explains how LH and HCG resemble each other.and how an OPK or fertility stick can detect hcg,mistaking it for an lh surge.pregnancy test are much smarter and only detect hcg.while an opk will pick up either.and yes while not recomended to use an opk as a pregnany test.yes it does work.they say that you can get a + on a pregnancy test much sooner than a opk i'm unsure on that as i used my fertility stick in the digital pregnancy test and it read "pregnant".i did however doubt the response i got,so i went and bought first response tests and took 3 all +.there can be ma__s confusion obviously if you ovulate twice in a month.but if near menstruation and ovulation has already occured they work. check this


Sue - October 10

To Crazy Lady and Leonia, thankyou for your posts. I had also heard of this happening before I read your posts. I have a really good feeling about this month (I know I sound crazy but this month is different to the last months) I am 9dpo and it got the better of me last night so I used an o stick test, I got a +. This maybe a fluke too but I should know for sure over the next week or so.


crazy lady - October 11

to all of you that are being rude...i am not here to start an argument...i am here to chat about my experiance which is what this post is about...OR AM I WRONG? we are all here to help people, so maybe me posting this is helping someone going through a similar situation...if you are so p__sed that i am here, then you dont need to read my post. also...i mean CRAZY for the fact that all of us on this website, can be a little crazed with becoming pregnant, and peeing on sticks...whether it be OPK's or HPT's, I as a person am NOT crazy! i would really appreciate all of you rude women to stop coming around here, and leave this post to women who are wondering the same thing. to all of the women who have posted their experiances thank you for keeping what the post was intended for. i am not coming back so to speak...i was just letting anyone know my personal experiance...and if you read correctly...i said that this may NOT work for EVERYONE...i am not trying to get peoples hopes up or anything like that...i just wanted to let you know my thoughts on it...if i was the women who made the peeonastick website, i bet that my post would be more welcomed. i dont care to post anymore on here, because i am obviously not welcomed...which i think is BS...i WOULD NEVER react like this to any of your posts, so i hope you are all satisfied...thanks for not being understanding, and have nice lives...i wish you all luck with your furtures...and one more time for the record...I DID USE THE TESTS FOR WHAT THEY WERE FOR. good luck!


OH YEAH - October 11

to sue...good luck to you, i hope that you have the same outcome as leonia and i...good luck, and baby dust!!!!


to crazy lady - October 11

dont worry there are some nasty people on this site and ended up posting horrible threats to this 1 young lady. just dont let people bother you.i believe u


HI where have you been - October 11

R where have you been?



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