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To All - October 6

Do people really know what their talking about on this forum. Pregnancy is an important thing. Why trust any questions you may have with people you don't know. To me that is just stupid. The smart thing to do would be to go to a doctor or least talk to your mom about it. All I'm saying is these peolpe here could make up anything. When you find yourself knowing that that anything is false then you don't belong here. Plus if you don't know that that anything is false then the though of not knowing should scare you. You are trusting your the welling being of your baby to someone who is lying. And on the subject of signs of pregnancy, it doesn't matter what signs you have becuase they could all mean something else. the only way to find out positively if you are pregnant is to take a preg test, the best being with blood.


Comment - October 6

If you feel that strongly, why are you here?


??? - October 6

Yes, why are you here?! Was it because you wanted to speak to someone about the things you're going through, and find some support? Because that's why everyone else is here. And contradictory to what you may think, people do get help here. There are a lot of us who have really studied the things that they talk about and want to share what they know with others, and others that are confused and need to talk to someone about what they're going through, but they have no one else. But most importantly, there are REAL women, not textbooks here who lend a helping hand and sympathetic ear to the plights of other women. Nobody should take that away from those who come here scared and confused, and leave with a better understanding of themselves and more hope for their situation. So please keep your comments to yourself. And for the record, if you read through the posts long enough you'll see that a lot of the times we direct women towards their doctors and the HPTs, but first we let them know that there's an understanding woman who's going through the same thing right beside you, cheering you on. Maybe you're the one who should "Get Real Help"


get-lost! - October 6

I am new to the city/state in which I am living. I have no family for thousands of miles. I have recently found a doctor & can't be seen for a few more weeks. Coming to this site has helped me get thru some long days & sleepless nights. Just knowing there is somebody out there that has similar syptoms or situation is comforting til my appointment. I have learned alot about myself from this site. Plus all of the helpful websites I have been directed to. Thanks to all for the help & comfort I have received from strangers. STAY OFF THE SITE IF ITS NOT FOR YOU!


**** - October 6

I just got a post aswell saying that were not medical profesional's here so don't expect a prefessional answer. Like hello, i know that. Some people just having got anything better to do than p**s other people off.


to comment - October 6

if you really must know why i am here it is becuase my gf is obsessed with this forum. everytime she comes over she goes to the computer. she thinks every little thing that happens to her is a sign of pregnancy. i tell her that these people could just make anything up to make her paranoid but she doesn't listen. this forum is conflicting with my s_x life and i am here trying to put an end to it. hey baby


here here - October 6

To all the ladies that made a positive statement about this forum GOOD FOR YOU AND KEEP IT UP!!!! the advice is great it is like confiding in a friend. If a web-forum is conflicting w/ this persons s_x life then she has serious s_x life issues and needs to confront her partner not a web site...


Post is from a guy... - October 6

Per the "to comment" post on 10-6. that explains everything! Get a life and find a new girlfriend if the one you have is obsessed with this site.


comment - October 6

dear little, little, naive girl one day you will understand why us women share all our symptoms,etc. It's called support, all of us are going through the same thing, trying to concieve, and have every right in the world to share our concerns, etc. Haveing a good support system, whether it is people you know or don't know is what gets you by in life and you too will learn this. Why don't you stay off of this site if you are going to be rude and inconsiderate.


comment - October 6

let me rephrase that, dear little naive boy...


??? - October 6

I said let's build a nuclear bomb and b__w us away..


Tracie T - October 6

to whoever this guy is, i respect you for having the b___s to come on here and say what you feel. but your're still an idiot. why would you come on a site full of women. in a woman's world men never win. i think you should cheat on your girlfriend and blame it on her. then say you love her but you have needs too. that always works for my boyfriend and for me as well.


JC - October 6

I apologize for the inaccurate, irresponsible statement I made implying that this forum doesn't help women in the area of pregnancy. I now realize that it has many benefits and provides a warm environment for all who wish to visit. My girlfriend is not obsessed with this site and we have a wonderful s_x life, at least after this. Once again I apologize for my rude behavior and I will leave all the posting to my girlfriend whenever she thinks I got her pregnant. have a wonderful evening.


PA re - October 6

i actually wanted to let you know that i am a PA in an OB office and i have 2 children and i am trying to conceive a 3rd and i think i could give credible advice and it is good to hear others experiences and always have someone to talk to....we can not help it if your g/f likes the site...there is actually some good advice here..


Sue - October 7

I come to this site for the support and understanding I can't get from any doctor. I live in a little village in rural Australia and all the specialists close to me have a waiting list of up to 4 months, and when you are ttc that is a very long time, I would go crazy without the support of all the women on this site. Thank you to everyone.


TO Faith - October 7

believe me or not i have seen a women here she says that she is pg and i know she lies! aftert coming here for so long you can feel this stuff!she went of BC 2 months a go month after she had MC and this month she is PG and she found out on 6dop ! can you believe this !! and you know what is funny she gives everybody fake hope and say by this test or use that so if some of women here they get obsses wont be surprise!i agree with this guy some women cant handle this site!


me - October 7

Unfortunatley, the kid has a point. Yes it is nice to know someone is in the same boat as you and you arenot alone, however, some women are too caught up in the "is this a sign" thing and will do just about anything to get pregnant. My advice is to wait until you get your period, noting the signs every day on a chart, then look back and see if they were just PMS signs or pregnancy signs. Just be careful on these things, that's all. We WILL get pregnant!



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