Getting Desperate Please Give Advise

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Burran - December 8

I am husband and I have a short window for me to get preg and be able to carry//I had a brain tumor 4 years ago and it is slowly coming back, but they have cleared me for the next 16 months before I have to start all the CTs and MRIs..all that to say..we want a child more than anything in this world ...I am 9 days late and have morning sickness, back is killing me, my br___ts are swollen and heavy - but not tender. I have taken about 6 hpts - all neg. Finally went to DR last Wed and got a blood test - neg, but the DR said not to fret that I could still be preg but that it is not picking up. I need hope...I need someone to tell me that this could be true, b/c I would think by now it should pick up? Any advise...has anyone else had a neg on theblood test than a positive?


Grandpa Viv - December 8

Hugs! I understand where you are at. Around here we suggest taking the first test a week after missing a period. You have had six and a blood test already. hCG varies enormously from one pregnancy to the next. Why don't you take another couple of home tests at one week spacing, and go back to see the doctor after missing another period. It would be nice to hear fatigue or peeing or ga__sy added to your signs. I think we have emotional already. Good luck!


JENN - December 8

Burran- I know it is hard but try and relax the stress is not good for you, your body or the baby, keep testing and kee trying - I'll say a prayer for you


A.V - December 8

I wish you the best of luck truly! You will be in my prayers, a friend of mine didn't get a positive until she was 11 days late, and maybe it's the brand of test you're using. Hope it helps and best of luck!!


Burran - December 8

Thank you all very much. Grandpa Viv - I am so tired I can hardly function and I am a 5'8 125lb women who is so active and entergetic - but now feels like jello. I have also gained 5 lbs which is highly unusual. Peeing - well I do that anyway because I carry water with me everywhere....but my tummy is itchy and i am so bloated. Again - thank you all....I will definately take your advise, but more than anything - yall have given me hope.


Jess - December 8

i hope everything works out for you! You will be in my prayers. Let me know the outcome!!


Burran - December 8

I will - thank you!



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